There’s a New Shirt in Town

Once upon a time, the “Three Wolf Moon” shirt was the must-have T-shirt:

three wolf shirt

But the really cool (and well-read) kids know that the real must-have T-shirt is the “Three WOOLF Moon” shirt:

three woolf shirt

Geek Play

“I’m With @Stupid” T-Shirt

Here’s what happens when the 1970’s “I’m with Stupid” t-shirt gets a 21st century Twitter upgrade:

Grey t-shirt featuring a pointing finger with a Twitter bird on it: "I'm with @Stupid"

This article also appears in Global Nerdy.


Tina Fey’s Fashion Statement

On the right person, even the lamest T-shirt looks pretty good:

Tina Fey wearing jeans and a baby blue Snoopy and rainbow T-shirt

The Current Situation

“Make Up Your Mind / He Can’t Be All Four” is Now a T-Shirt

Back in April. Adam Sacks of the blog Adam Thinks created this so-funny-because-it’s-true graphic:

Adam Sack's poster featuring a Shepard Fairey-ized Obama-as-Hitler poster:  "Make Up Your Mind / He Can't Be All Four"

After getting so many requests, he’s decided to make it a t-shirt. You can order it online from Printfection for US$20.00:

"Make Up Your Mind / He Can't Be All Four" t-shirt

It Happened to Me

All Che Guevara T-Shirts Should Have This Caption

Dark green t-shirt featuring Che Guevara and the text "I have no idea who this is".

Seen at “Diaper-eze”, a baby clothing store in Bloor West Village, in the west end of Accordion City.