LinkedIn observation of the day

Reddit post: “Not trying to throw shade, but LinkedIn might not be the place for strippers”
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I have to admit that posts from an exotic dancer might be a refreshing change from all the “hustle porn” you see on LinkedIn.

Also: LinkedIn needs to adopt “the normiest of norms” as its slogan.

The Good Fight

Thought for the day

I don’t want to go back to how it was; I want to go forward to where we should be.
It Happened to Me Music

In memory of Sinéad O’Connor: The Hank Shocklee remix of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”

I had this CD single; here’s its J-card.
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In honor of Sinéad O’Connor, who died too damn young, one of my favorite tracks from her repertoire.

Back when I was a DJ at Crazy Go Nuts University’s engineering pub, Clark Hall Pub, I knew that this lesser-known version of Sinéad O’Connor’s single The Emperor’s New Clothes was a sure-fire way to get people on the dance floor. I got a lot of mileage of out it back then, and I still do, so here it is:

This is the Hank Shocklee mix, named after its remixer, who among other things co-founded Public Enemy and the music production group The Bomb Squad.

Requiescat in pace, Sinéad.

Stranger than Fiction

Oh, my sweet summer child…

Screenshot of Google results page questions: “People also ask: Is Oppenheimer based on a true story?”

This might be a testament to the power of the Oppenheimer movie trailer, because getting someone to go see the movie without knowing about Robert Oppenheimer, the Manhattan Project, and all that sounds like it would be a hard sell.

Florida of the Day funny

Is Dunedin exploitable in half a day?

Someone on Reddit posted this question to r/tampa:

Is Dunedin exploitable in half a day?

I’ll be passing through Dunedin while visiting family tomorrow and will have about 2-3 hours to stop. Would this be enough time to walk through the main areas and explore?

In answer to that person’s question:

  • If you meant “explore” and this is an autocorrect mistake, just stick to the downtown area, which is full of quaint little shops and restaurants. Two to three hours should be enough. If you like beer, make sure you hit the Dunedin Brewery.
  • If you really meant “exploit,” you might want to give yourself a little more time. The median age of Dunedin residents is 57.7, which means that if you want to properly exploit the area, try some kind of senior scam.
Accordion, Instrument of the Gods

Just a reminder…

Old advertisement from the 1960’s; “Accordions are in!”
It Happened to Me Tampa Bay

Get outside!

Joey deVilla in biking gear, with the sky and tall palm trees in the background.

It’s a lovely day — or at least, it’s a lovely day here in Tampa. Get outside!