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Jimmy Buffett’s career wasn’t THAT long…

50 decades? That’s 500 years.
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I think whoever was assembling the “lower third” for CNN’s news segment on the late great Jimmy Buffett (RIP, you magnificent bastard and musical role model of mine) was trying to choose between saying that he’d played for over 50 years or 5 decades, settled on “50 years”, and forgot to change the final word.

Consider this another reminder to use processes and tools to double-check your work before you put it out into the world, especially if it’s a rush job.

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Hello no-eth my old friend…

I’ve already filled up our portable tanks for our generator with ethanol-free gasoline, in case the power goes out. The gas lines near me were only a little longer than usual, but that was at 10:30 a.m., which isn’t a terribly busy time. If you need gas for your car or generator, get it as soon as possible, because the crowds will get worse as the day progresses, and by tomorrow, all the gas stations are going to be like the old Mad Max movies.

This morning, ethanol-free gas was selling at the Wawa at Florida and Waters (which has 4 pumps that dispense it) for US$4.49 a gallon (CDN$1.62 per litre for my Canadian friends and family).

Gasoline has a limited lifetime — 3 to 6 months — and ethanol-infused gasoline lasts half as long. My typical approach is to stock up on eth-free gas in late August (a little before the hurricanes typically come) and, if I don’t use it in the generator, pour it into the car’s gas tank in December, after the end of hurricane season.

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Hurricane WATCH vs WARNING, explained with tacos

Taco watch vs. Taco warning:
“Taco watch” features taco ingredients and the caption “The ingredients are in place for tacos to happen.”
“Taco warning” features an assembled taco and the caption “We’re having tacos RIGHT NOW!”
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Once again, because a hurricane watch has been announced for Tampa Bay for Tropical Storm Idalia, the graphic above provides a quick explainer for the often-misunderstood terms hurricane watch and hurricane warning…but with tacos!

Simply put:

  • If the atmospheric conditions are ripe for a storm, tornado, or hurricane to occur, weather a services issue a watch. A watch basically says “It might happen; be on the lookout for it.”
  • If a storm, tornado, or hurricane has formed, weather services issue a warning. A warning basically says “It is happening; get to shelter NOW!”
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Meteorologist gets death threats for talking about climate change

Meteorologist Chris Gloninger quit his job reporting the weather on Des Moines TV news because he’d been receiving death threats for talking about climate change during his weather reporting. This is yet another concerning data point in the general anti-science, anti-media trend being fomented by an aggrieved sector of America continuing its cult-like turn.

In spite of the evidence all around us, from a century’s worth of temperature tables to the increase in the number and size of forest fires, rising sea levels, and more days when it’s too hot for planes to take off, too many people see the world through a warped ideological lens and choose to defend that view with threats and violence. To quote the AP article Harassment of TV meteorologists reflects broader anti-science, anti-media trends:

Gloninger’s experience is all too common among meteorologists across the country who are encountering reactions from viewers as they tie climate change to extreme temperatures, blizzards, tornadoes and floods in their local weather reports. For on-air meteorologists, the anti-science trend that has emerged in recent years compounds a deepening skepticism of the news media.

Many meteorologists say it’s a reflection of a more hostile political landscape that has also affected workers in a variety of jobs previously seen as nonpartisan, including librariansschool board officials and election workers.

For several years now, Gloninger said, “beliefs are amplified more than truth and evidence-based science. And that is not a good situation to be in as a nation.”

For more, see this MSNBC piece, Meteorologist on receiving death threats over his climate crisis reports:

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Trying…not to…caption…this photo…

Lauren Boebert and George Santos sitting beside each other in Congress. Santos looks on while Boebert looks like he’s staring at his lap.

But go ahead, caption this photo. I dare ya.

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Long live the Email Lady!

Thanks to Tony Pierce for the find!

And in case you need context, this is about the Trump indictment.

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That’s ONE way to celebrate the king’s coronation…

The Tampax shelves in a UK drugstore aisle, marked with a sign that reads “Let’s celebrate the King’s coronation.”

In case you don’t remember 1992 or were too young to remember it, this is — if you’ll pardon the pun — a very inside joke.

(You can see a dramatized version of the story in the Netflix series The Crown, in season 5, episode 5, titled The Way Ahead.)

To be fair, it’s a terrible thing to have one’s private conversation with one’s lover broadcast to the world at large. But if it had to happen to two people, why not two terribly unpleasant people — who were both married, and not to each other — who now lead a luxurious life on taxpayer money?

And in case you were wondering, Charles III and Camilla will be crowned as king and queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms this Saturday, May 6th at Westminster Abbey. I suspect I will have better things to do than catch it on TV, but expect any English-themed pubs to be unbearable this weekend.