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The gun fantasy and the gun reality

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I know that the current situation in Ukraine has a lot of American firearms enthusiasts excited (and hey; guns are cool and fun to fire), but can we have a moment of honesty here? You’re less likely to fight neo-Soviets on U.S. soil and more likely to kill for something dumb.

In case you were wondering about the Florida man who shot — and killed — someone in a movie theater for texting (it happened here in Tampa, and he fired after the texter threw popcorn at him), here are some links:

The More You Know...

So true

One of my favorite examples of this phenomenon is this photo of Robert Redford and the real person he played in All the President’s Men, Bob Woodward:

Thanks to Eric Alper for the find!


I found this meme with the same theme:

I think it’s quite apt — like the burgers above, the historical figure usually has more depth and is more interesting than the actor.

The Current Situation

A special “Caturday” greeting for Ukraine

“Caturday” may not be the internet phenomenon it once was, but I thought that this photo was both timely and appropriate.

Я подумав, що це буде відповідне фото.

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Put these sunflower seeds in your pocket, so they’ll bloom when you die on Ukrainian soil.

My long-time friend Marichka Melnyk (I met her in 1989!) made me aware of this exchange between a Ukrainian woman and a Russian soldier, and her offering to him was so powerful and right-on that I had to share it here.

The video is above, and a translated transcript appears below:

Woman: Who are you?

Soldier: We have exercises here. Please go this way.

Woman: What kind of exercises? Are you Russian?

Soldier: Yes.

Woman: So what the fuck are you doing here?

Soldier: Right now, our discussion will lead to nothing.

Woman: You’re occupants, you’re fascists! What the fuck are you doing on our land with all these guns? Take these seeds [sunflower seeds — the sunflower is Ukraine’s national flower] so at least sunflowers will grow when you all lie down here.

Soldier: Right now, our discussion will lead nowhere [clearly, they’ve been given talking points]. Let’s not escalate this situation. Please.

Woman: What situation? Guys, guys. Put sunflower seeds in your pockets, please. You will lie down here with the seeds. You come to my land. Do you understand? You are occupiers. You are enemies.

Soldier: Yes.

Woman: And from this moment, you are cursed. I’m telling you.

Soldier: Now listen to me —

Woman: I’ve heard you.

Soldier: Let’s not escalate the situation. Please go this way.

Woman: How can it be further escalated? You fucking came here uninvited. Pieces of shit.


The next book in the series is “How to train your dog to stay off the ottoman”

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Not cool


I had to do something similar for my Green Card