Cursing Through the Ages

I’m a bit busy revamping the Tucows developer sites, so there’s little time to write. That doesn’t mean you’ll leave empty-handed: I’ve saved this guide to things that were considered swear words and phrases over the past few hundred years. I figure it’s timely: with an election on the horizon, there are bound to be curse words aplenty over the next few weeks.

Graphic: Timeline showing swear words from 1300 through 1900.


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In the News

One Last Note…

(Don’t get the joke? See here, here and here.)

I’d write more, but dinner beckons. I’ll simply say that you can expect more election-related postings starting tomorrow and running right up to the big day, Monday, January 23rd, 2006.


David Janes’ Remix of “America: A Brief Parable”

David Janes, friend and right-wing blogger, remixed the Tom Tomorrow comic (America: A Brief Parable) that I posted earlier and posted it to his blog, Ranting and Roaring:

Comic: David Janes' remix of 'America: A Brief Parable'.

He also writes:

Remember the Afghan invasion … the brutal Afghan winter? The millions of refugees that were going to spill out from that war? The hundreds of thousands of casualties? The graveyard of empires? The quagmire? Remember the Iraq invasion … the millions of refugees? The hundreds of thousands of casualties? The elite Iraqi guard? Being “bogged down” in sandstorms? The quagmire? Bush’s “Vietnam”? The tens of thousands of US casualties?

I know he’s speaking to the portion of the population that’s to his political left, but it might be worthwhile to answer his questions here.

The invasion of Afghanistan was, in my opinion, justified. There were definite connections between 9/11 and Al-Qaeda. 100% support there. Thumbs up. Peanut Butter Jelly Time.

The problems come up with the rest of the laundry list. Remember Iraq’s stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction? That the war would last weeks? That American troops would be greeted with flowers and candy?

That the insurgency was in its final throes? Or even why the invasion took place (is it WMDs, fomenting democracy or countering Islamic fundamentalist terrorism?)

(Now that the troops are there, I believe that immediate withdrawal or even short-term withdrawal is a baaad idea. It’ll probably send precisely the wrong message to anyone whose sympathies lie with Islamic terrorists or North Korea.)

How about some of those appointments so awful that even the most die-hard Bush sycophants called him on them? FEMA’s Michael Brown, who could barely coordinate an Arabian Horse society, never mind disaster relief? Or Harriet Miers, whose primary qualification was ass-kissing?

How about the War on Science, from “teach both (creationism and evolution) theories?” to its strange “Goofus and Gallant” approach?

Well, David, we’ll have to discuss this over beer sometime. Perhaps before Christmas, so we can exchange small tokens, which I suspect will be the bumper sticker shown below:

Photo: Sticker that reads 'You'll thanks me when you share my politics'.
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It Happened to Me

Preview Scenes from Rob and Leslie’s Wedding

Just for kicks, a photo of me in my role as Best Man at Rob Strickler’s and Leslie Thun’s wedding last month:

And while we’re at it, one of my lovely wife:

And here’s one of the bride and groom after the wedding rehearsal dinner:

I’ll post whatever photos I have from their wedding and various pre-wedding celebrations in an album soon.

The Current Situation

America: A Brief Parable

File it under “It’s funny, because it’s true”: the latest edition of the This Modern World comic:

Comic: 'America - A Brief Parable' from 'This Modern World'.