More algorithmic cruelty: What Facebook’s “Year in Review” for US Airways would’ve looked like

us airways year in review

If US Airways had posted that unfortunate photo to Facebook rather than Twitter, Facebook’s “Year in Review” would’ve generated a different kind of algorithmic cruelty.


The New York Times unintentionally answered their question, “Is Algebra Necessary?”

This is my favorite tweet of the moment, courtesy of Dan Meyer:

Back in July 2012, the New York Times published a terrible, ignorant, anti-intellectualism-spouted-by-a-so-called-intellectual opinion piece titled Is Algebra Necessary? It was penned by Andrew Hacker, an emeritus professor of political science (that should be your first warning) at Queens College, City University of New York. His thesis was that making math mandatory reduces our talent pool by discouraging “otherwise talented students who are impeded by algebra, to say nothing of calculus and trigonometry.” The horror!

is algebra necessary

Click the image to read the original article.

To their credit, the Times published a couple of follow-up pieces soon afterward: In Defense of Algebra and N Ways to Apply Algebra to the New York Times. However, they only truly atoned for their math sins a couple of days ago in a piece about how much money the movie The Interview made:

the interview brings in 15 million

While Sony didn’t say how much of the $15 million made came from rentals and sales, anyone with eighth-grade algebra would realize that there’s enough information to figure it out. In these two paragraphs, you have two variables and two linear equations, which means you don’t need Sony to tell you how much of that $15 million came from sales and how much came from rentals.

To make your life easier, I’ve done the math for you:

do the math

So to answer the New York Times’ question, “Is algebra necessary?”, the answer is “Yes, and more often than you might think.”

followup promo


Meanwhile, on the special all-dog edition of Jeopardy…

yes you are

Image by @crylenol. Click to see the source.

Thanks to David Wolever for the find!


Mac Sabbath: A McDonald’s-themed Black Sabbath parody band

mac sabbath onstage

Ladies and gentlemen, meet my new favorite band: Mac Sabbath!

They’re a Black Sabbath parody band featuring evil mirror-universe versions of McDonald’s characters:

  • “Ronald Osbourne” on vocals, as a gene-splice of Ronald McDonald and drugged-out Sabbath-era Ozzy Osbourne,
  • a modified Mayor McCheese with tusks on guitar, taking Tony Iommi’s role,
  • the Hamburglar on drums, filling in for legendary alcoholic rhythmatist Bill Ward, and
  • my personal favourite, an evil version of Grimace, taking over for Geezer Butler on bass.

mac sabbath - sold our souls for cinnamon rolls

They don’t just dress up as McDonald’s characters; they also twist Sabbath’s tunes into odes to fast food. In their (presumably greasy) hands, Paranoid becomes Pair-a-Buns, and Iron Man becomes Frying Pan:

mac sabbath - frying pan

A sample of the lyrics:

Heavy longing for bed
Fry these cows until you’re fed
Throw out your raisin bran
Frying pan lives again

I’d love to hear their version of Supernaut — perhaps it’s called “Coffee’s hot”?

Enjoy your Saturday with Frying Pan

And here’s Pair-a-Buns:


This is what driving in Tampa is like

driving in tampa


This is what it’s like to be single in Ottawa

im free whats up

And yes, I brought my A-game while living there.


This was me at Christmas dinner

are you gonna eat that