What I Wore to the Company Picnic

Like a boss

One week ago today, Shopify had its company picnic. We were divided into volleyball teams, each of which had to come up with not just a name, but a theme and costume. My team were “The Hefs”, in tribute to Hugh Hefner. Hence the outfit and pipe. Since I added the cowboy hat and shades and my bathrobe was terry as opposed to silk, I think my “look” came off more like a cross between Dr. Hunter S. Thompson and Dr. “Trapper John” McIntyre from M*A*S*H than everyone’s favourite gentlemen’s magazine publisher.

Still: can I rock a pipe or can I rock a pipe?


Tina Fey’s Fashion Statement

On the right person, even the lamest T-shirt looks pretty good:

Tina Fey wearing jeans and a baby blue Snoopy and rainbow T-shirt


The Right (and Wrong) Way to Roll Up Your Sleeves

sleeve-rolling_guide Found via Space Ghetto, via Certified Bullshit Technician.

It Happened to Me

All Che Guevara T-Shirts Should Have This Caption

Dark green t-shirt featuring Che Guevara and the text "I have no idea who this is".

Seen at “Diaper-eze”, a baby clothing store in Bloor West Village, in the west end of Accordion City.


The “Business Shorts” Look

With the notable exception of prep school uniforms for the under-10 set and AC/DC’s Angus Young (whose trademark onstage look is modeled after a prep school uniform), I don’t think the “shorts-plus-business-attire” look works:

Men displaying \"officewear shorts\"
Looking at these guys, especially the one on the left, all I can think is “Hey, it’s the NAMBLA accountants!”
Photo from the International Herald-Tribune.

Pairing shorts with business attire is bad enough — especially in the case of the guy on the left, who looks like he had the pants from his suit tailored into shorts — but the “dress shoes minus socks” look takes these outfits into a new realm of horrible.

Perhaps these fashionistas dream of a future like the one shown in the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, where some crew members of either sex wore “skants” — a cross between a skirt and pants — a subtle note by the series’ creators that gender equality had been achieved in the 24th century:

Star Trek: TNG crewmember in a skant
“Even Wesley Crusher is laughing at me!”

There’s a reason that even in the hottest countries in the world, long pants are the only acceptable business attire. Shorts are fine, but they work best with shirts and shoes that match them.

For more on these business attire shorts, see the International Herald-Tribune article Shorts Crack the Code.