A Comic Biography of Ayn Rand

ayn rand - its totally okay to be a douchebagAyn Rand — born Alisa Zinovyevna Rosenbaum, but renamed herself after her Rand typewriter — is a great philosopher to some (my girlfriend, for one), and an overrated hack to others (Yours Truly, for instance). My girlfriend’s licence plate frame asks “Who is John Galt?” and my own internal voice usually answers “No one you’d really want to know.”

I’ve read Rand’s stuff, and back when I was a young adolescent fascinated with computers, it held some fascination for me, partly because I was a teenage boy with all the associated self-centredness, and partly because Rand’s writing appeals to geeks with their revenge fantasies. It’s lost its appeal and isn’t really for me, and if it’s for you, well, I try not to let politics get in the way of personal relationships, as my continuing status of Really Awesome Boyfriend shows.

I don’t think any Rand fans will be fans of the comic biography created by Darryl Cunningham, but it does put a little context behind her writing — and maybe even her being a fan of the 1970s TV series Charlie’s Angels. There’s an excerpt below, and you can read the full comic (so far) at Act-i-vate.

ayn rand


It Looks Like It’s Going to be One of THOSE Mondays…

i was told this wristband was for cancer awareness

I hope your Monday goes much better than this.


Prayer of the Day

please send clothes

…especially those two poor ladies who have to huddle together to keep warm.


Marketing Agency CEO Gets a High Klout Score; Puts Out a Press Release [Updated]

The headline reads like an Onion article, but it’s true: Anchor Communications’ CEO got a Klout score of 68 and decided to put out a press release saying “Hey! I’m a social media guru, ’cause I’ve got a great Klout score!”:

tj kirgin gets 68 klout score

Before you know it, he’ll be posting press releases for every little thing:

didn't fall asleep at meeting

5 jaegerbombs

i pooped today

If that’s all it takes to merit a press release, maybe I should put one out too:

joey devilla 68 klout score


The Next Web have discovered the press release and are having their own fun with it.


Grandma Plays “Cards Against Humanity”, Hilarity Ensues

grandma plays cards against humanity


I Knew the Rolling Stones Were Old, But…

…I didn’t think they were this old:

rolling stones from the time of the jewish revolts

On second thought:

keith richards


How It Feels When I Connect to Free Wifi

I’m in Tampa right now, which puts me well outside Rogers’ regular service area. Since I’m roaming, I always do a happy dance when this happens:

how it feels when i connect to free wifi

This article also appears in Global Nerdy.