Look Out Chick, There’s a New Sheriff in Town!

Never mind Jack Chick’s hopelessly 20th-century tracts; Tim Todd Ministries’ cartoons are slicker and their manga-influenced style better reflects the aesthetic sensibilities of the 21st century’s comic book readers.

For you traditionalists, don’t let the modern look vex you: the basic message is still safely rooted somewhere in the 13th century: Gays: bad! Secular rock music: bad! Evolution: lies!

But wow, is the artwork and storytelling so much better. Jack Chick’s grasp of pop culture is far too weak to have come up with “Madonna Dahmer”, the parody of Marilyn Manson that appears in the Tim Todd Ministries comic. And neither he nor the artist who does his more “realistic-looking” comics can hold a candle to whoever’s penciling and inking the Tim Todd stuff. Even if you don’t agree with the message, you’ve got to admit that he’s trumped Chick in the slickness department.

My favourite panel is shown below: a paramedic explains to a boy who think he might be gay that saying “hey, we’re born that way” is a lame-o excuse. Todd’s homophobe-fu is so much slicker than Chick’s homophobe-fu.

“When I was a homosexual 30 years ago?” That moustache and ten bucks says you were homosexual 30 seconds ago!


This Game Will Drive You Bonkers

It seems so simple: just use your mouse to move the dot through the maze to the goal [Flash required].

(A helpful hint: You should turn down your speakers for level 2.)


BlogACatMas This Friday!

It may be only a one-year-old tradition, but it’s still a tradition! Last year, Boss Ross and I declared that the first Friday in October shall be “Post a Cat on Your Blog Day”, or more simply, BlogACatMas.

Yeah, posting a picture of a cat is nearly as old as blogging itself,

but we figured why not have a designated special day for that most bloggy of blog practices?

Here’s some inspiration:

…and for more inspiration, here’s my submission from last year, a creepy Flash animation featuring cats giving the evil eye

So gather your kitty pictures, because Friday’s the day!

It Happened to Me

If you’re taking a University-level math course, read this comic

It Happened to Me

Workin’ Away…

Getting a software release to work — especially a web application

under Windows — is such a royal pain in the ass that reading the

comment threads to my LiveJournal Childfree Community entry and the Childfree Community’s response entry is pretty relaxing in comparison.

(I don’t worry too much about arguing on the internet; they often heat up to ridiculous degrees, as this Red vs. Blue movie [21 MB QuickTime] points out.)

Maybe I should go annoy the Furries next.


It’s Over. Blogware Wins.

Kathleen of blogkathleen writes:

After having done an extensive review of blogging software for our new

Ping Affinity Networks service, we have selected Blogware over Typepad

as the underlying blogging engine.

In the News

It’s Over. Blogs Win.

New York Times caption:

“R.W. Apple of The Times, left, and Jack Germond of the Balitmore

Sun have covered presidential elections for decades. Ana Marie Cox of is covering her first.” (Photo by Neal Slavin)

From Fear and Laptops on the Campaign Trail

(Truth be told, a lot of folks in the blogosphere are shaped more like the men in the photo.)