A Clever Printer Prank

canon voiceover

Click on the card above to see it at full size.

"To the clever bastard who left this in my store,” said someone I know who works at a computers-and-electronics shop and found these cards beside the Canon printers, “thanks for the laughs today."

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You See Low-Grade Beer, I See a Hipster Marketing Opportunity!

price chopper beer

The design of the “Price Chopper” logo on this can of beer suggests that this photo is from the 1980s. If Price Chopper were to revive this brand in a spirit that combines the graphic and branding sensibilities of Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback with the sense of irony that gave Pabst Blue Ribbon its comeback, they could seize the beer-drinking hipster market.


“Said the Gramophone’s” Best Songs of 2011

2011: Photo of a late-60s early-70s home stereo with record player

indie rock peteThe end of the year means the usual deluge of “Best of 2011” lists, most of which are best avoided outright. Of course, such general rules always have exceptions, and one such exception is the “best songs of the year” list that Said The Gramophone, a music blog more indie than Indie Rock Pete (pictured on the right), has been compiling since 2005.

Their 2011 list features 100 songs, which are described as follows:

65 are fronted by men, 35 by women. 47 artists are American, 26 are Canadian, 15 are British, 4 are Swedish, 3 are French, 2 are Australian, and there is one Finn, one Swiss and one Beninese.

This isn’t just a list you read, but one you can listen to as well. Every song on this list is posted for online listening and also downloadable, either individually, or in two big batches: songs 1 through 50 [259MB zip file] and songs 51 through 100 [249MB zip file]. With very few exceptions, you’re not likely to hear these songs on commercial radio, but the Said the Gramophoners have exquisite tastes, and that’s why I check in on their blog regularly. Check out their list, download the music and hear what you might have been missing!


2012 Movie Trailers

Christmas Day is often full of downtime, so here’s a little something to keep you entertained: a lot of trailers – sixty-one, to be exact – for movies coming out in 2012. Enjoy!

We’ve got Mason Hankins to thank for compiling them and putting them all in one nice easy-to-get-at place.


Merry Christmas!

I hope that if the moment comes, I have the courage to do what Reginald does in the dystopian Christmas of the future, as depicted below:

scrooginald 3

Click the comic to see the original.

(Nedroid has a gift for making comics that are simultaneously touching and disturbing. Go visit for more!)

crablouse in santa hat

While the opportunities for you to make the ultimate sacrifice to save your best friend at Christmas are (thankfully) few, there are always opportunities to participate in your own act of giving that’s both touching and disturbing. My own story, The Best Christmas Present Ever, will warm both your heart and your crotch, and it stars a Facebook friend of mine who will go unnamed. It’s got Christmas, crablice and cream – what more could you want?

But seriously: if there was ever a time of the year to practice random acts of kindness, this is it. Be good and do good.

furry female santa

(I try to be open-minded, but I do not consider the above to be doing good for anyone, especially the unfortunate in the fursuit.)

So whether you celebrate Christmas now or in January (as a number of my eastern European friends do), Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, just a couple of days off or perhaps some kind of homebrewed festival to integrate the holidays into your Klingon lifestyle…

klingon santa

…have a great holiday. Drive safely, drink responsibly, do unto others and try not to get arrested. I myself make no promises about that last one.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


The Awkward Christmas Photo of 2011

sniffing gingerbread junk

…and seen by millions of NBC viewers as well! I’ve just been inspired to lay off the gingerbread cookies this year.


Christmas Under Attack!

christmas under attack

It might take a moment for you to see it.