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“Make Up Your Mind / He Can’t Be All Four” is Now a T-Shirt

Back in April. Adam Sacks of the blog Adam Thinks created this so-funny-because-it’s-true graphic:

Adam Sack's poster featuring a Shepard Fairey-ized Obama-as-Hitler poster:  "Make Up Your Mind / He Can't Be All Four"

After getting so many requests, he’s decided to make it a t-shirt. You can order it online from Printfection for US$20.00:

"Make Up Your Mind / He Can't Be All Four" t-shirt

18 replies on ““Make Up Your Mind / He Can’t Be All Four” is Now a T-Shirt”

Dang, never saw that at the source… It’s certainly argueable, but technically he can be all four. It’s called direct middle of the road. Or more aptly put a ‘lil bit of everythin. 🙂

Obama, the peacenik? That’s more ridiculous than the Muslim thing.

The correct answer is… none! Obama has no principles or strong ideologies that I’ve seen. He’s a really smart guy without a fucking clue what he stands for. And as is generally the case in centralized governments, a lack of convictions means that you are by default a pro-war anti-drug anti-business anti-choice government expander. You value “progress” and “change” without actually knowing why you’re changing things or toward what you are progressing.

Funny shirt. They should have gotten him flashing a peace sign while reading the Qur’an!

The Warpublicans scream about wanting their liberties back, and yet can’t name one liberty that’s been taken away. Then they (falsely) claim Obama is ruining the country. Odd, when the facts show the contrary to be the truth.

What’s Obama done for us? Oh..well, er… beyond that, I mean.
Debt? What CAUSED the budget deficit?
Bush didn’t spend? Late 2008, Pre-Obama:
Truth on which party is the “good” party:
Bush resp. for mortgage crisis:
Socialism? Odd it wasn’t before:
Which party has less deficits (or the only surplus)?
Separation of Church and State?

And, to explain the reasoning behind ignoring these FACTS…

Why the deluded cling to lies despite facts:

By all means, let’s hasten our nation’s demise, continue down wrong path with Palin in 2010.

I think it’s stupid to label him… If you think he’s wrong, do something, don’t just say he is something…..


Yes, Mark…a president with strong ideologies is what we truly need. W showed us that the practice of standing by your beliefs no matter how misguided or ridiculous they may be is truly the mark of a great leader.
I love your generalizations about centralized governments. They are so awesomely vague that nobody could every really prove you wrong. It sounded really smart, though.

lol, I don’t sway one way or another honestly but I love how Obama supporters always leave statements backed up with resources and facts and Anti-Obama people just call names. I saw someone had sprayed “you lie” on an over pass near my home and I just thought, okay that’s good now support you’re argument. I think both sides of politics have good and bad factors, but what I can’t stand is people out there shouting ideas out without the resources to back them up. I mean come on it’s basic knowledge you learn in school, you can’t have an argument without the research to back you up. That goes for either side and for the time being, Obama supporters are doing a better job of presenting me with facts. So thank you wisdom for providing at least some background to you’re argument. And let me say that propaganda like this shirt is annoying. The moment i see Obama building concentration camps and dragging people from their homes at night then I’ll consider putting a mustache on his face.

Everyone except Poland and McBane know that National Socialists and International Socialists could never work together. And everyone but The Peoples Congress of the East knows Communists and Muslims could never work together. And everyone except Afafat’s uncle Mufti Haj Amin el-Husseini, the Fuehrer’s Mufti, knows the Nazis and Muslims could never work together. And everyone knows how much hippies hated collectivism and how much Charles Manson despised Nazis, he was just a swastika fan. And everyone knows that Bernadine Dohrn, wife of fellow Weatherman Bill Ayers and from whose home Barack Obama launched his presidential campaign never praised Charles Manson by saying “Dig it! First they killed those pigs and then they put a fork in pig Tate’s belly. Wild!” Everyone knows you can’t link these distinct groups up, so yeah, make up your mind.

Come on Obama fans, isnt it about time you stop letting Obama blow smoke up your ass!!! Take the wool off your eyes and use some common sense people, do you realize you “Fd” up!!! ‘ THINK PEOPLE’ & to Mike — Obama’s people may use some facts, but facts can be turned any way you want to view them. On March 20th they have started building your concetration camps, how you like em now?, you will probably be it’s first kill,(when you develop some disease that the medical field puts off treating). How you like them apples!!!!

Actually, facts CANNOT be twisted and turned any way you want to view them. That’s why they’re FACTS. Opinions on the other hand are easily skewed. You’re a little too paranoid for my taste, what with your “concentration camp” comment. Jeesh, people need to take a step back and see how ridiculous they sound.

Hey A ! Yes, someone is calling Obama a nazi! It’s the Larouche PAC. This odd group is comparing Obama to Hitler about his healthcare project… really.

The peace sign is the broken cross, a symbol of the anti-Christ. The Vietnam draft protesters had no problem with Pol Pot’s killing fields, as long as the could get high and be promiscuous. Obama admitted in his biography that he was too young but still a leftist, as evidenced by his friendship with Bill Ayers. The White House Xmas tree last year had Maoist ornaments on it. He’s more of an Italian style corporate fascist than a German style national socialist, though.

Why the hell is everyone going off-topic to debate about politics? It’s usually politics or religion people argue about, can’t everyone just enjoy the picture instead of turning everything into a big arguement? Geez.

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