Rejected wedding theme #3: “Asses of Fire!”

asses of fire

Actual wedding photo from an actual wedding photographer’s portfolio.
Click the photo to see the source.

Remember, this is Florida, where there’s no such thing as a bad idea.


Feeling bored and evil at an airport? Try this prank.

power outlet sticker at jfk

Found via Joe Martinez. Click the picture to see the source.

Of course, if you’re caught doing this, it’s likely that a number of business travellers and people looking to charge their tablets for a long trip will draw and quarter you, and no court in the land will convict them.

This article also appears in Global Nerdy.


How d’you like them pineapples?

pineapple slicing

Watch this guy at a fruit stall in Davao City in the Philippines peel, core, slice and bag a pineapple in under a minute with a very sharp knife and skilled hands:

Found via Laughing Squid.


Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper takes the ice bucket challenge

stephen harper ice bucket challenge

FRANK magazine did the original; I added the caption in the last panel.
Click the photo to see it at full size.

For my American readers who aren’t familiar with Canada’s glorious leader, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has two settings: control-freak asshole and emotionless robot.


How I’d like to make my entrance at my wedding

We’ve signed the contract for our wedding ceremony and reception venue! Here’s a photo that I took of the location a couple of Saturdays ago…

beach wedding setting

Actual photo of the site. Click to see at full size.

Since it’s going to be a beach wedding, why should we be content to take the land route and merely walk down the aisle when we could come in by sea on these?

My thanks to Best Man Eldon for the suggestion!


Office setup of the day

office setup of the day

It’s an Archer reference:


R2-D2 takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

r2d2 takes the ice bucket challenge

We’ve seen all sorts of people, famous and not, take up the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Why not a droid, especially one who’s just fine with working on extremely cold planets?

c-3p0 and r2-d2 on hoth

Here’s RD-D2’s answer to the Ice Bucket Challenge. Be careful, R2 — the sandpeople are easily amused, but they will be back…with bigger ice buckets: