This afternoon, I caught the subject line of one piece of spam before my Spam filtering software, SpamNet, filtered it out. Its subject line read: “MIDGETS! MIDGETS! MIDGETS!”



Rather nice

As I enter this, I’m having a little post-workout homemade egg drop soup, listening to the Redman’s Jazz Internet radio station, installing some software on my iBook and chilling out before hitting Velvet Underground and doing a little dancing — and perhaps some busking — tonight.

Photo: My desk at dusk.

Where the geeky magic happens. The entire south wall of the bedroom is glass.

Not a bad way to spend the evening.


No joy in mudville 2: Microsoft’s loss

Microsoft Canada had an open position for “.NET Architect Evangelist”, for which I applied. “It’s as if they made the position just for you!” a number of my friends said.

I got a call back today, saying that while my technical skills, presentation savvy and evangelism experience were a good fit, I didn’t have enough experience with — yup, that again — programming “enterprise systems” (in other words, large systems for medium-to-large businesses).

I guess developing this, this and this don’t count, despite the fact I’m sure these are precisely the sorts of things that at least half of all the potential .NET developers will be building.

So sue me for wanting to develop software for the little guy.


The "Save Joey’s Christmas" sale rages on

Go check it out — I’ve been rummaging through storage and found more of the ex-housemate’s stuff that’s been authorized for sale:

  • Roland UA-30 USB Audio Interface
  • MIDIMan USB MIDI interface
  • Targus Stowaway folding keyboard for the Handspring Visor

File this under "The Japanese are just plain weird"

My friend Karin, who works for haute couture dressmaker Sunny Choi, sent me these photos of these breast scarves that are all the rage in Japan:

Photo: Two Japanese women wearing the smaller breast-shaped scarves.

I hear this kind of thing is a turn-on in Roppongi.

Photo: Two extremely amused Japanese women wearing the larger breast-shaped scarves.

Another satisfied customer.

Thanks for the phots, Karin, and thanks again for more weirdness, Japan!


Nicest compliment I’ve heard this week

“Last night,” said Tommy — the long-haired bouncer from the Bovine Sex Club, “I referred to you as the accordion-playing Andrew WK of the Bovine. Nobody plays an accordion harder than you.”

Photo: The famous bloody-nosed photo of Andrew WK.

Andrew WK, the Accordion Guy of lager lout rock. Probably modelled himself after “Scum of the Earth”, the “hoodlum rock” band from WKRP.



Happy Thankgiving weekend to my American friends

And in honour of that, here’s the funniest Thanksgiving comic I could find, courtesy of PvP:

Graphic: PvP Thanksgiving comic