Fish Pedicures?

Woman's foot with painted toenails, with little fish nibbling on it

I had no idea that fish pedicures – where you stick your feet in a tank of carp, who then eat the dead skin – existed, never mind that they’ve also been banned in some U.S. states. Here’s an Associated Press video report on the practice and its ban.


“Beatle Juice”: Gorgeous Package Design

I love this design concept created by Marc Valega: Beatle Juice!

"Beatle Juice": Juice boxes featuring the Beatles as they appeared in "Yellow Submarine", with the flavours "Apple McCartney", "John Lemo", "George Pearrison" and "Mango Starr".

Here are the juice box layouts:

"Apple McCartney" package in flat form

"John Lemon" package in flat form

"George Pearrison" package in flat form

"Mango Starr" package in flat form


The Truth About the Jonas “Brothers”

Rolling Stone cover featuring the Jonas Brothers, featuring one of them morphing into a woman quite seamlessly

I suspected as much. [Photo courtesy of Merricat]


M.C. Escher, Economist

I like Mark McHugh’s theory that M.C. Escher’s art was in fact his representations of economic theories. For example, here’s trickle-down economics (the very mention of which always causes me to say “Laffer? You brought her!”):


This one’s for sustained growth:


And this is deficit financing:




Sometimes the combination of drinking and darts doesn’t seem like a good idea:

Shirtless guy with a dart down his buttcrack does a sexy dance by the dartboard and gets a dart int he side of his head

Geek It Happened to Me

Yesterday’s “Coffee and Code” at Le Gourmand


Yesterday’s Coffee and Code – the weekly gathering where I leave the home and Microsoft offices and work in a cafe where I’m very accessible – was held at Le Gourmand in the Queen/Spadina neighbourhood. We were 13 people all told, not including the passers-by who wondered about a large gathering of people with laptops and with whom we started a conversation.

For more details, see this entry in the Coffee and Code blog.


“Everything is Amazing Right Now, and Nobody’s Happy”

This article originally appeared on Global Nerdy.

Over at Kevin Kelly’s blog, The Technium, there’s a video of an amusing interview on Conan O’Brien where comedian Louis CK talks about how we take today’s technology and the way it improves our lives for granted. Kelly describes it as "a cartoon version of a more serious argument that we become blind to progress".