The Simpsons’ Homage to Lou Gehrig’s Farewell Speech / “The Pride of the Yankees”

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The “Dancin’ Homer” episode of The Simpsons paid homage to Lou Gehrig and his farewell speech, which was dramatized in the film The Pride of the Yankees
, in which Gary Cooper played Lou Gehrig:

Simpsons stills referencing Lou Gehrig’s farewell speech / “Pride of the Yankees”

9 replies on “The Simpsons’ Homage to Lou Gehrig’s Farewell Speech / “The Pride of the Yankees””

I am very upset that the makers of The Simpson’s would take a historic person and moment of Baseball and make it into a joke… as a huge Lou Gehrig fan, I am extremely hurt that they would make this moment, that people who were not even alive to see still know of, and turn it into a joke. The man was dying a slow and painful death, and all you can do is make it into a cartoon?! That is truely upseting and disgusting!

I think that it is rood to take a person who sacrificed a dangerous disease and make it into a joke.He was a very nice man and its just mean to do such a thing.If you actually took the time to read about Lou Gehrig you would feel the same way!

I think you two are seeing it from the wrong perspective. I think they honoured him in that way – honestly do you think nowadays childrens still know such things? I don’t think so.

Therefore I think it’s okay. (I.e. why damn this one but find others acceptable? Which very well might hurt other peoples feeeling too? IMHO one has to be able to laugh about him/herself 😉 )

I am very displeased in what the creators of the Simpsons did with that historical day. Lou Gehrig should not be made fun of like that-not that I’m trying to say that the were, but it isn’t a good example to kids-showing how to act towards a hero to many when the goin’ got tough. They should be very ashamed of theirselves!!!!!!!!!!

I was just flipping through the channels and the Simpson’s came on. Not a show I like anyways. I heard them refering to Lou Gehrig in an in appropriate manner. This man doesn’t deserve that. So I had to surf the web to make sure I heard correctly. Fling this site. I was very offended that they would mention him, and one of the cartoons characters said something about maybe he deserved to die. Maybe I am more offended than most as he is a relative. As a child in school I did reports on Lou’s condition. And I assure you that there was no deserving what this man had to go through. And know I am not the other the you suspect to be the same person.

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