It Happened to Me

I am Rutger Hauer

While looking through my photos last night, I found this one of me from July 2000, during those heady dot-com days:

Photo: Joey deVilla, during the blonde-haired years, drinking bar shots out of a test tube. Taken July 2000.
“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Investors’ money on fire

off the shoulder of El Camino Real. I watched C code crash in the dark near

the Golden Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears

in rain…”


The Blogware Mechanic

It’s not all beer and posting songs about butts on this blog — sometimes, I promote some of my work-related activities!

For those of you with Blogware-powered

blogs (there are lots of ’em, and they’re not necessarily sold under

the name “Blogware”), you might want to check out a new series of

articles I’m writing for the Blogware blog called The Blogware Mechanic.

The Blogware Mechanic

is a regularly-appearing series of articles that will show you how to

go beyond the standard features included in your Blogware-based blog,

customize it in ways you may not have thought possible and make your

blog uniquely yours.

(You didn’t think that all the accordion-related imagery on this

blog came standard, did you? I tried to sneak ’em in, but they didn’t

let me. They’ll pay for that. Ohhhhh, how they’ll pay…)

In the first installment of Blogware Mechanic, I cover the fine art of customizing the “permalink icon” that appears beside the titles of articles from the plain ol’ vanilla “page with the upper-right-hand corner turned over” icon…

…to a nice, snazzy custom icon:

…and along the way, I provide a quick overview of Blogware’s filesystem and templates.

If you’ve got a Blogware blog and are looking to spruce it up, check out the article!


Owner of a Lovely Butt

Graphic: 'Lionel Vinyl' logo.

Here’s a lovely mash-up by Lionel Vinyl for your enjoyment: Yes’ Owner of a Lonely Heart as the bed track and Sir Mix-a-Lot’s Baby Got Back as the vocal track — Owner of a Lovely Butt! [3.9MB MP3, enclosure]

Accordion, Instrument of the Gods In the News Music

Canada’s Coolest Band Plays the World’s Coolest Instrument

Proof: This photo from Exclaim! magazine’s article on The Arcade Fire:

Photo: Regine Chassagne from The Arcade Fire playing accordion.

It Happened to Me

Safe Trip, Gwai Lo!

Richard “Just a Gwai Lo” Eriksson,

who’s been crashing on my couch for the past couple of days, returns to

“Vangroovy” this afternoon. It was good meeting the guy behind the

blog, Richard, and I hope you had a fun time here!

(For those of you curious as to what kind of place I live in — Future

Mother- and Father-in-Law, I’m lookin’ at you — come take a look at this entry.)

My thanks to Rannie, Eldon, Paul and especially Maria and Liz

(with high-larious stories about her new “adult entertainment” tech

support job) for coming out to Tequila Bookworm and helping me

entertain Richard!


Ellen Feiss Unreleased PowerBook G4 Ad

[via] I stumbled across this unreleased “Switch”

advertisement [1.7 MB QuickTime, enclosure]  featuring the Stoner

Princess of the Macintosh, Ellen Feiss, slurring the praises of her

Powerbook G4. She doesn’t seem as stoned as she did in the ad that made her

famous, but she still sounds like everyone at Burning Man or the Om


Photo: Still from Ellen Feiss' unreleased Powerbook G4 'Switch' ad.

They should’ve given her a cameo on Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.


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