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R.I.P., Lennie

The guy who wrote the book on opening sequences in Law and Order passed away yesterday.

Photo: Jerry Orbach.

Only Jerry could put Baby in the corner.

Here’s the ABC News story, here’s Gothamist’s coverage with plenty of links and here are some Lennie Briscoe snappy remarks.

Photo: Desk-top nameplate reading 'Det. Leonard W. Briscoe.


The Names of Those 50 Movies

Last week, I posted a picture with 50 stills from 50 movies and asked if you could name them. The person who made this image has posted the solutions — click here to see the “50 movies” picture with their names.

I managed to identify only three movies. How’d you do?

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Shout-Out to Mah East Coast Homiez

(Pardon the street argot — I’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the PlayStation 2 that Wendy got me for Christmas.)

My thanks to the Halifax Herald for listing this blog as one of the notable Canadian ones. I’d also like to send a shout-out to my co-worker Bessy Nikolaou for telling me about it.

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Rob MacDougall on Carlson and Coulter on Canada

Rob MacDougall is a friend of mine from Crazy Go Nuts University. We worked together for years on Crazy Go Nuts University’s intentionally funny newspaper, Golden Words. He now has a Ph.D. in History from Harvard and is a post-doc research fellow at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

(There are some starange parallels here: Rob’s at Harvard, where Wendy

works, and he’s married to an American Jewish girl, as I will be come

September. I met Wendy at a party I gate-crashed at Norton’s Woods in

the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.)

You may have heard of Tucker Carlson, whom Jon Stewart correctly identified as a dick on Crossfire not so long ago. You may have also heard of Ann Coulter, foaming-at-the-mouth neocon pinup attack dog and poster child for bipolar personality disorder.

They recently had a field day with President Bush’s recent visit to

Canada, going on with lines like “better hope the United States doesn’t

roll over one night and crush

them. They are lucky we allow them to exist on the same continent”

[Coulter] and “Without the U.S., Canada is essentially Honduras, but

colder and much

less interesting  The average Canadian is busy dogsledding.” [Carlson]

Apparently, for Coulter and Carlson, high school hasn’t quite ended.

What they’re doing, is the equivalent of the jocks harassing the chess

club with “hey, faggot” or “hey, [insert your favourite racist epithet

here]” taunts. Someone should remind them that those tables often turn

once high school is over and university and the real world beckon.

Donna Wentworth of the EFF by way of Wendy pointed me to this video of the Carlson and Coulter having their “Blame Canada” fest. I’d comment, but Rob has done a much better job already.


Can You Name the 9 Canadian Supreme Court Judges?

As with the US justices, I could name two-thirds of the judges in my country’s Supreme Court:

Photo: Canadian Supreme Court Judges as of December 2004.

Stumped? Their names are listed here.

(For those who keep tabs on this sort of thing: 4 of our 9 Supreme

Court judges are women. The Americans have 9 justices, but only 2 are


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Can You Name the 9 US Supreme Court Justices?

[via MetaFilter] According to a recent survey of “a representative sample of 1000 adults nationwide [America]”, two-thirds couldn’t name any of the justices of the US Supreme Court.

I wonder how many of the same people surveyed can name any winners of the Survivor reality TV series.

(I’m not American, and I can name two-thirds of the Justices.)


Can You Name These 50 Movies?

Here’s a picture of 50 stills from 50 different movies. Can you name any of them?

(Wendy, I’m going to need your help with this one.)