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Joey deVilla’s 2023 headshot, showing him in a blue suit jacket and blue shirt holding his blue accordion, as seen from a large display.

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I love it.

And in yet another universe, I wear underpants on the outside, play bass guitar in your accordion rock band, and am married to Giselle.

The link to your wife’s site seems to be broken: I’m getting a “DNS error” from Chrome and failing to search out an alternative. There is a “Ginger Ninja” blog here, but that’s a bloke named “John” from Essex 😉

[…] Joey deVilla posted the image below on his blog, The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century. It’s a satirical look at the organisational structures of six of the big tech companies, Apple, Amazon, FaceBook, Microsoft, Oracle and Google. Certainly it made me smile as I looked through each of them, in the context of information I read every day about the leadership and management styles of each of these companies. […]

Hey Joey, I just found your blog through a google image search. I’d love to get e-mail updates–do you do that? Looking forward to reading, thanks!

My (ex-) wife strapped an accordion to my back and played a Buddy Holly song for our First Dance at our wedding reception.

I like the site! For “all you accordion fans out there”, I think: Actor, Leonard Nimoy had a talk with his uncle, maybe in the 1940s or 1950s. His uncle gave him this advice: Learn to play the accordion. If you learn to play the accordion, , you’ll always be able to find work. [Maybe it’s just me, but I’m glad that Leonard Nimoy made himself a success in films, instead]. : )

Saw your description of self – thought you should read “RedShorts” by Scalzi – it’s that story of what happens when your life really is a TV show somewhere else.

Accordion joke: Accordion guy coming home from a gig needs to stop for cigs in a bad neighborhood. Stops at store, locks car, glances nervously at his squeezebox in the back seat, goes in store. Comes back out with cigs, sees rear window of car smashed. Heart sinks. Opens door to car & sees his accordion, plus another, in back seat.

Holiday flow chart is clever and I totally agree, but please give Mr. Lieberman a dictionary to read the definitions of “agoraphobic” and “agnostic” and possibly switch those words in his otherwise spot on sentiment!

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