Renovations, continued

More notes on the on-going renovations to the site.

The renovations to the site, starting with the blogs, continue. If you haven’t taken a look at my Photshoppery in the sidebar, be sure to take a peek. There are still some fixes to be made to The Adventures of AccordionGuy in the 21st Century, and once those are done, renovations on The Happiest Geek on Earth will continue.

I’ve also got the comments system back up and running, so comment away!

For the person who asked what font I’m using for the titles: it’s Block Berthold.

After doing all this work updating the site, I just noticed that my new colour scheme as well as the four-pictures-by-the-title layout is a little too similar to George Scriban’s excellent corporate outrage blog, blogaritaville. This unintentional parallel simply goes to prove that great minds think and design alike. Besides, it’ll be a cute little factoid in the Entertainment Weekly article they’ll write about me and George when we finally leave this loser software industry and write our multiple Emmy-winning sitcom.


An appropriate twist on "Fast. Good. Cheap. Pick any two."

Advice about women: Smart. Sexy. Sane. Pick any two.

(found in a discussion on Plastic)


99% tact free

The boy has a gift for saying precisely the wrong thing.

Welcome to “Boys and Girls” week, readers! This week is all about boys, girls and the messy things that happen when you throw them together. Shall we begin?

My friend W. (and no, she’s not the President of the United States of America) told me a funny story about her ex-boyfriend. I’m not sure if she realizes it, but I think the story explains why the fact that he’s now her ex might actually be a fantastic stroke of luck.

Her ex, whom I’ll refer to as X., was at a bar called My Apartment. My Apartment is the bottom rung of the cheese ladder in Toronto’s club district, a charmless “meet market” serving up watery proletarian beer and blaring with top 40 garbage and jock rock anthems. I think of it as an embassy for the People’s Republic of Suburbia, where plebians from the 905 area code who commute to work can kick off their Fridays with their co-cubicle-workers, trade stories about the hot chick in accounting and their home entertainment systems and eat dangerousl under-done and over-sauced chcicken wings. It’s the kind of place for people whose Blockbuster rentals in the past month outnumber their book purchases in the past year.

X. was there. Worse still, from the sound of it, he had planned to go there.

While there, he had struck up a conversation with a young woman. During the conversation, he found that that she was engaged. As soon as that fact was known, he was overcome by some desire to see the engagement ring.

“C’mon,” he said, “let me see it.”

“Really, I don’t feel like showing it to you right now.”

“Oh, c’mon. I don’t beleieve you’re getting married. You look too young. What are you, twenty-two? C’mon, let me see the ring.”

This little game of tug-of-war kept going until finally, in a fit of beer-fueled brazeness, he grabbed her hand. This was a big mistake.

As the result of what was probably an industrial accident, she had no fingers.


A few days later, X. was having dinner with W. at a cafe near her house (X. and W. are still on friendly terms). X struck up a conversation with a couple at the table beside them, and told them about the incident with the woman at My Apartment, now that it was safely in the past and usable as a “boy, is my face red” anecdote, the kind of harmless ice-breaking story you tell to people you don’t know well.

Once he finished, the woman at the other table smiled and said, “I’m probably the last person you should’ve that story to.”

She held up both her hands to reveal that she had no thumbs.

Double oops.



As you’ve probably noticed, both my blogs, The Adventures of AccordionGuy in the 21st Century and The Happiest Geek on Earth, are undergoing renovations. You should still be able to find everything in the same place despite the overhauls to look and feel. And yes, actual writing is forthcoming.


In the other blog…

Just a quick heads-up on what’s going on in my other blog, The Happiest Geek on Earth.

Chicken soup for the geek:


Cherry Beach Sunday Afternoon Sound System

Also taking place Sunday, July 21st is an event being put together by the Promise party crew: the Cherry Beach Sunday Afternoon Sound System!

My friends David and Irving are two really sweet guys who love underground dance music, particularly hip-hop, breakbeat, deep house, and drum-and-bass. At any given dance event such as Chicks Dig It, Milk, or Movement, it’s very likely that I’ll run into them. Being hardcore dance fiends, they’re not content to merely attend other people’s parties; they’re party organizers themselves.

Their latest party idea — setting up their sound system and DJs at Cherry Beach — has caught on so well that it’s on its way to becoming a weekly event. Tomorrow (Sunday, July 21st), they’ll host another installment of the Cherry Beach Sunday Afternoon Sound System. Here are the details, taken directly from their mailing list:

this sunday July 21, 2 -10pm

rnb, livin’ large and promise

cherry beach sunday afternoon soundsystem


  • The Reverend (dub’n atmospheric drum n’ bass)
  • Miss KLC and Gerald Belanger (beach party house n’ techno)
  • Dalia (hip hop n’ stuff)
  • Tim Patrick (big deep house)
  • Gabor (trip hop)

and maybe some others

Bring a frisbee, bring a kite, bring a handy sweater, bring a dog (only nice dogs), bring your lover and a hammock. And pass the time on this lazy sunny sunday afternoon with friends and friends of friends.


Take Lakeshore Blvd East of Toronto, just past Parliament

Turn sound south down Cherry Street all the way to the parking lot at the end

Walk west (right) along the beach and you’ll hear music

And, biking there is easy along the trails beside the lakeshore

things to think about:

Please don’t bring more than you plan to take back out with you – leave no trace.

Bring something warm and something to sit on and also something to keep sun off your head and maybe some bug spray for the evening.

If weather turns foul the day of, call 323.0361 for the emergency update.

See you there.


Jim, Rene, Keijo, Rick, Ali, David and Irving

All this and the ever-cute DJ Dalia too? I may have to attend this one as well as the Streets are for People party.


The "Streets are for people" party

The “Street are for people” party — a “celebration of bicycles, pedestrians and the idea of a car-free Kensington Market” — takes place tomorrow (Sunday, July 21st) in Kensignton Market at the the corner of Augusta and Oxford.

Earlier this week, my friend Rick Conroy mentioned some kind of street party taking place on Augusta Avenue this Sunday. He mentioned that it was something along the lines of the Reclaim the Streets party that takes places annually in many cities around the world. He mentioned that the businesses on the street would be participating — Bikes on Wheels would be doing free bike repairs and tune-ups and La Palette, a great little French restaurant on Auguta, would be providing free food.

Yesterday, while locking my bike outside a store on Queen Street, I noticed that the rack was had some flyers attached to it that read:

Streets are for PEOPLE!

Join us in a celebration of bicycles, pedestrians and the idea of a car-free Kensington Market.

July 21st – Sunday – High noon to dusk – Augusta Ave. and Oxford (SW of College and Spadina)

There will be:

  • music
  • free bike repairs
  • bicycle giveaways
  • refreshments

Our celebration will culminate with a mass bike ride at 8:00 p.m.!

Bring along your friends and families, and your bikes, trikes or even unicycles if you have ’em and anything you can imaging to help us celebrate!

I’m all for the reassertion of pedestrian culture (“pedestrian” as in “person walking on the street”, not as in “ordinary and dull”); it makes for more interesting neighbourhoods that areas specifically designed for car culture (see Stephen Johnson’s book, Emergence for more on this). I’m also for grassroots parties such as this. They have a more community-oriented feel than more corporatized events such as the Molson Indy, Gay Pride Parade, World Youth Day or Celebrate Toronto (Mayor Mel Lastman’s faux street party), and you can feel more like a participant than merely a spectator.

I’ll be attending, and I’ll bring you-know-what with me.