It Happened to Me

Even More Pics From the Annual Review

Suw “Chocolate and Vodka” Charman watched my review as she had dinner and took a lot of screenshots, including this one:

“On second thought, we’re both fired.”

It Happened to Me

Another Pic From My Employee Review

Ross: So, would you like to start off by making a statement?

Me: As a matter of fact, I would.

Ross: Go ahead.

Me: I would like to warn you

that I have taken some special precautions. If at any point I find that

I do not like the way the review is going, I have a sniper who’s taken

a position in the rafters who will shoot you.

Ross: I’m going to call you bluff and kick your ass to the curb. You are now the former Technical Community Development Coordinator, my friend.

Me (into hidden lapel mic): Blofeld to Jaws: Eliminate Mr. Bond.

Ross: You don’t scare me with your fakety-fake “supervillain” act, Mister Accodion Chu–ACK!

Thanks to Andy “termie” Smith for the pic!

It Happened to Me

Annual Review Complete (or: "Weeeeeeee are the champions, my frieeeeeeeend…and we’ll be emplooooooooyed ’til the end…")

The review went pleasingly well, and I’ve got some cool directives for the upcoming year. As mentioned in the previous posting, it was all visible (if not audible) thanks to the webcam posted on Boss Ross’ desk.

Alan McLeod from GenX at 40 caught this great still from the webcam, during the part of the review where all Tucows employees must perform their best Stevie Wonder impression:

“My cherie amour…lovely as a summer’s daaaaaaay…”

It Happened to Me

Annual Review Day Live Cam! (or: Beat THIS, Channel 9!)

Today is Annual Review Day here at Tucows, and Boss Ross

is among those doing reviews. Boss Ross, in case you’re not aware, is

the Director of Research and Innovation, a crack team made up the

following people:

Hey man, I didn’t say it was a big team.

Anyhow, if you want to see how they’re going, check out the webcam image either on Ross’ blog or below. Alas, there is no audio.

My review takes places at 2:00 p.m. EDT. Watch Darryl squirm at 3:00 p.m. EDT.

The Boss Ross Cam! Reload the page to see a fresh image.

Toronto (a.k.a. Accordion City)

Mickey Mouse Comic Strip

I have no idea why this billboard is up, but I like it. It’s a billboard hanging over the parking lot at the corner of Queen and Soho in Accordion City (across Queen Street from the Queen Street Gap and across Soho from The Black Bull) featuring an old Mickey Mouse newspaper comic strip. To see the rest of the strip, check out the photo album.

Mebbe he’d like some, mebbe he wouldn’t. Click the photo to see the whole strip.