A “shirtless Putin riding a bear over Russia” figurine — yours for only 2499 rubles!

shirtless putin figurine

Cyrus Farivar asks if it’s worth $70 to get this piece of historical (hysterical?) memorabilia: a figurine featuring a shirtless Vladimir Putin riding a bear over Russia. If he’s smart, he’ll cough up the money, and years from now, he’ll smile smugly when an appraiser on Antiques Roadshow puts a five-figure value on it.

If you find that you must have this piece of history, point your browser at this site and marvel at its stark beauty:

shirtless putin figurine 3

Here’s their pitch. It’s a Google translation, which is why it sounds like Boris and Natasha plotting to “makink beeg trouble for Moose and Squirrel”:

Statuette “Putin said at Medvedev”

Luxurious Figurine as the head of state who tamed forest brown bear standing on a segment of a great country, symbolizes the victory, the heroic strength and power. Bear has long been considered a symbol of immense Russia, represents courage, strength, courage and rage directed against enemies – this beast could not be better reflects the position of the nation and its principles.

Perfectly executed souvenir – a symbol of Russian fatalism, a symbol of the Russian people, walking through history has always fiercely, bravely, boldly and steadfastly. Statuette reflects the political position of the country, emphasizes its prowess, demonstrating courage of the Russian people, his heroism, rage and desire for achievements, for the protection of its own territory. Sold the original statue in a presentable box inscribed with the colors of the Russian flag and the phrase, President Putin said on one of the forums.

Souvenir is the exclusive, can act as a present a wonderful public servant, military, historians, politicians, boss, collector, patriot of his country, or any strong-willed, imperious and rebellious man who knows how to achieve your goals. This representative will be proud to take the statuette from you on a regular holiday every person from your environment. It not only decorate the interior of your home or office, stately be placed on the table, but will be the subject of conversations and arguments in your circle of friends, which further unify and strengthen your company.

shirtless putin figurine 2


Florida of the day: “Zombie cat” digs out of his own grave

zombie cat

definitely floridaI fear neither Florida Man nor Florida Woman, but Florida Zombie Cat scares the crap out of me.

Bart, a Tampa cat, was hit by a car and presumed dead by his owner, Ellis Hutson. “I cried, I was devastated,” he said. “I couldn’t even bury him. I had to have a friend do it.”

You’d think the story would end there, but this being Florida, it didn’t. Five days later, Bart dug his way out of the grave and was first seen walking around by Hutson’s neighbor Dusty Albritton. “There he is, just purring and looking up at me,” she said, “All dirty. This cat is dead. I know he was dead.”

Although alive, Bart was in bad shape, with deep wounds, a broken jaw and a cracked palate. Bart went into surgery at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, the costs for which were covered by the Save-A-Pet fund which is meant for emergencies like this one.

Here’s local news coverage of Bart the Zombie Cat:

Video courtesy of WFLA News Channel 8.

Here’s how far Bart is from me:

distance between me and zombie cat

Welcome back to the land of the living, Bart! Please don’t eat my brains.

Bart the Zombie Cat is alive thanks to the Humane Society of Tampa’s Save-A-Pet medical fund, which covers the cost of veterinary care for pets whose people are experiencing financial hardship. By giving to this fund, you’re not helping pets in need, but the people who love them. I’m sending a little money their way, and if you got some to spare, could you please do the same?


CNN’s painful piece on polyamory in San Francisco

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Miju Han: “I have a fiancé, a girlfriend and two boyfriends.”
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I just watched CNN Money’s filler-disguised-as-human-interest piece on polyamory, a.k.a. “four minutes of my life I’m not getting back.” By the end of the segment, I became convinced that polys are just furries who dress up in hipster clothes instead of animal costumes.

Instead of painting a sympathetic picture of people who prefer (or at least profess) to be able to spread romantic or sexual love with more than one partner — I myself like to limit it to disappointing one woman at a time — the story presents caricatures from The Social Network trying to fit the square peg of love into the round hole of technology and tech marketing with talk of “optimizing” and “disrupting” love (with the requisite Uber reference — not necessarily a good thing), “Cinderella 2.0” and looking at long-term relationships as a product that fails 50% of its user base. Microsoft should take comfort; marriage has been making its customers unhappy for far longer than Windows has, and it’s still going strong.

To people who prefer a monogamous approach and are still single and looking, especially those in the Silicon Valley sausage party, these good-looking multitaskers must look like the greedy suits, who already are the “haves” and just want to have more for the sake of having more. Working class San Franciscans who saw the piece must be asking themselves “These are the entitled, privileged douchebags who made me move out of my home?”

the hipster is strong in this one

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I know that at least one of the people in the piece is a decent person: Chris Messina, whom I know personally. The way he presented himself, or perhaps the way he got presented through the framing and editing process, doesn’t show this, and that’s a shame.

The bright spot (or at least non-annoyingly smug and hipster-y one) in the piece is Dr. Helen Fisher, the anthropologist and human behavior researcher. She says that “eventually, [polyamorous relationships] will probably almost all fail, because the human brain is just simply not built to share. We are not good at sharing.”

In case you were curious about her research, here’s her 2008 TED talk, The Brain in Love:

I now find myself agreeing with The Onion’s take on polyamory:

onion - open relationship

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Why a live-action “Beavis and Butt-Head” movie would work

beavis and butt-head

Right now, we’ve got two great actors who’ve got the chops to pull it off. Mike Judge, you’ve got to make this happen!


The perfect gift for the product manager you love

product manager sweatshirt

I can’t think of a better way to say “I feel your pain” to a product manager than by giving them this shirt, which provides a pretty apt description of the product manager experience:

Being a product manager is like riding a bike
Except the bike is on fire
And you’re on fire
And everything is on fire
And you’re in hell

It’s available as a men’s T-shirt, a women’s T-shirt, and as a hooded sweatshirt from SunFrog Shirts.


Inspirational cat picture of the day

never apologize for being yourself

You keep on being your cute freaky self, kitty.


An even better cookbook title

After seeing yesterday’s “Dump Cakes” photo, Alexandra Macqueen sent me this photo of a cookbook with an even more memorable name:

lets play hide the sausage