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Tampa Bay freezes this weekend

Tampa Bay is under a freeze warning this weekend. That’s right, out-of-towners, there are times when the temperature here drops to freezing or even slightly lower.

If you’re in the area and haven’t taken the right precautions, this list is for you:


Business Insider’s Global Editor-In-Chief wants to know your salary, but won’t reveal his

Nicholas Carlson, Global Editor-in-Chief of Business Insider, announced on Twitter that they were doing a series of articles that “demystifies people’s salaries” and asked people to report theirs.

Someone asked the inevitable question, and got a sadly unsurprising answer…

…and they’ve been roasting him ever since then:

The article does say at the beginning that they’re asking for people to anonymously submit their salary history, but if you get to the instructions, you’ll see that they’re using the term “anonymously” to mean something different:

If you are interested in sharing your salary journey, please send an email to Chris Weller at with your name, age, occupation, and a description of your salary journey. (This will remain 100% confidential. No information will ever be shared publicly.)

They are asking you to submit your salary history along with information that identifies you. That’s not anonymous. If they follow through on the promise not to share the information publicly — a promise not backed by any kind of legal agreement, by the way — the information will be confidential. But it will not be anonymous. And it will be confidential only for as long as whoever manages Business Insider chooses to keep that non-legally-binding promise.

The Twitter thread is still going strong as I write this, and if you’re looking for an amusing diversion this fine Thursday, I heartily recommend this one.


If Western food was covered the way Western writers cover Asian food

You can find the original tweet here.

These tweets may be from a couple of years back, but they’re new to me, and they might be new to you as well. They take the way “western” (a.k.a. round-eye) writers dismissively write about Asian food, but turn the tables by using the same colonialist style on Karen cuisine. Enjoy!

In response to the tweet above, Amirul Ruslan decided that it needed to be turned into something that looked as if it came straight from the New York Times:

And the tweet also generated a lot of hilarious funny/sad responses:

It Happened to Me

An effective euphemism

Taken by Yours Truly at the Total Wine in Land O’ Lakes.

“Value vodka” is a great way of putting it. It communicates that you’re getting maximum drunk for the dollar without making you feel that you’re one bad break away from living in a van by the river.


The Current Situation The Good Fight

Never forget what MLK did for “Star Trek”

Nichelle Nichols as Uhura on the original “Star Trek” TV series.
Public domain photo by NASA.

After the original Star Trek TV series’ first season in 1966, Nichelle Nichols — a.k.a. Lt. Uhura, Communications Officer on the U.S.S. Enterprise — considered leaving the show. She considered the stage to be her true home, and she’d received an offer to act on Broadway. She’d even told the series creator Gene Roddenberry that she planned to leave.

She would’ve left, had it not been for a fan who’d showed up at a fundraiser in Beverly Hills to meet her. At the fundraiser, Nichols was informed that there was a fan who really wanted to meet her. Here’s the story, in her words:

“I’m looking for a young man who’s a ‘Star Trek’ fan. So I turn and instead of a fan there’s this face the world knows, with this beautiful smile on it.”

That fan is pictured below:

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. taking a break at the podium.
Public domain photo by Marion S. Trikosko, 1964. Source: Library of Congress.

“This man says, ‘Yes, Ms. Nichols, I am that fan. I am your best, greatest fan, and my family are your greatest fans. As a matter of fact, this is the only show that my wife Corretta and I will allow our little children to watch, to stay up late to watch because it’s past their bedtime.’”

She told King that she wished she could be marching alongside him, but he said she was already doing that, in her own way:

“He said, ‘No, no, no. No, you don’t understand. We don’t need you to march. You are marching. You are reflecting what we are fighting for.’”

She told him that she was leaving Star Trek, and he pleaded with her to stay on the show:

“He said, ‘Don’t you understand what this man [Roddenberry] has achieved? For the first time on television, we will be seen as we should be seen every day, as intelligent, quality, beautiful people who can sing and dance, yes, but who can go into space, who can be lawyers and teachers, who can be professors — who are in this day, yet you don’t see it on television until now.’”

She changed her mind and stayed on the show for the rest of the series, and went on to help recruit women and minorities for NASA.

Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan

She also inspired another Star Trek actor: Whoopi Goldberg, who played Guinan on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Goldberg has often told the story about how the Uhura character inspired her when she first saw her on TV — she ran shouting throughout the house, shouting:

“Come here, mom, everybody, come quick, come quick, there’s a black lady on television and she ain’t no maid!”

Thanks to MLK, we have Lt. Commander Nyota Uhura (she got a first name in the novels, which finally made it to the screen in the 2009 Star Trek film, where Zoe Saldana played Uhura), and the continuation of Star Trek’s breaking new ground in representation, which is happening even today.

I’ll close with this interview with Nichelle Nichols, where she tells the story of how Dr. King convinced her to stay on the show:

Slice of Life

You’re not too late for New Year’s…

Don’t forget — if you need a little more time to get yourself set up for a new year, there’s another new year taking place on February 1st: Lunar New Year, a.k.a. Chinese New Year, which happens on Tuesday, February 1st!

This year will be the Year of the Tiger, so I’m closing this post the best way I know how:

It Happened to Me Tampa Bay

“Can I get a COVID vaccine here?” “Sir, this is a car wash. But to answer your question: Yes.”

Car wash with a banner that says “COVID shots here”
Photo taken at by Yours Truly on Sligh just east of I-275 on December 31, 2021 at about 3 p.m..

There’s probably a demographic that needs their car details and could use a COVID vaccine booster, but I’m not so sure about getting shots at this car wash that’s just a short walk from our place.