In the News

The Election Result

I would say “let the gnashing of teeth begin,” but it’s already under way.
More commentary later when I get a little time, but I’ll leave you with
a little something that might surprise a few people who know me:

I was hoping for a Conservative minority government.

Chew on that for a while, and I’ll explain later.

In the News

Guile’s Election Goodies

My co-worker Guile (who, like me, occupies Centerville on the political map) has the best line about the Liberal Party of Canada:

“I think the Liberals need to take a time out, stand in the corner and think about what they’ve done.”

He’s also come up with a great way for followers of the Canadian federal election to spend tonight: playing the Election Night Drinking Game.

Special advice to protest voters: If you must protest by spoiling your
ballot, do it by voting for Ross Rader as your write-in candidate. Look at that trustworthy face:

Vote for Boss Ross: whaddaya gonna do, vote for the Green Party?

It Happened to Me

Back to Work

After just over a week’s worth of vacation (a weekend of outdoor bacchanalia at the Om Festival followed by a week of hanging out with the lovely Wendy), I’m back at work, fully recharged are rarin’ to go.

I largely avoided the Web and email, so there are probably a few people
to whom I owe some return correspondence. If you’re one of these
people, I will get in touch with you today.


Canadians: Go and vote!

Today, Monday, June 28th, is Election Day. If you’re eligible to vote in the Canadian election, make sure you vote!

It Happened to Me

A Scene from My Vacation

Here’s The Redhead facing off against me at air hockey at The Great Canadian Midway, located on Clifton Hill, the cheesy tourist street in Niagara Falls.

(Alas, I accidentally erased a great video she shot of me displaying my
strength at one of those “hit-the-thing-with-the-sledgehammer” sort of
amusements. Working out has been paying off.)

The Redhead loves air hockey and pinball.

It Happened to Me

More Om Festival Photos

This photo of me hauling hammocks from the car to our campsite at the Om Festival is just one of many taken by my housemate/campmate Paul.

Be sure to check out the rest of his photos.

You cannot defeat the kung-fu of the EFF Ninja!

Also online: my friend Margaret, a.k.a. The Practical Hippie, has some Om Festival photos too. Check them out!

It Happened to Me

Photos from the Om Festival

I’ve uploaded my photos from the Om Festival — you can check them out in photo album or slideshow format.

Here’s a sample: Tess from Buffalo is shown wearing the best T-shirt at the festival:

Tess dancing in her "I (heart) nerds" t-shirt