It Happened to Me Stranger than Fiction

I won this prize today

Hello from Austin! I’m here until Thursday, where I’m attending and speaking at the Civo Navigate North America conference.

funny Stranger than Fiction

Useful information for tomorrow’s flight

Screenshot of a CNN story where the “lower third” says “Boeing 777 will struggle to maintain altitude once the fuel tanks are empty.”

Hey, CNN, thanks for telling us that “plane no go if no gas.”


Recipe of the day


The day after Valentine’s Day…


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There’s still time!

Photo from the WEIRD TORONTO Facebook group.

Happy Valentine’s Day, gentlemen. This is a reminder that it’s not too late!

As a longtime former resident of Toronto and former Microsoft developer evangelist, I often made use of Microsoft’s downtown office in the EY Tower. Hence I can say with great confidence that I recognize the place where this photo was taken without having to analyze its EXIF data (which was removed as part of the Facebook upload process anyway).

The “Earn More Points” sign clearly marks the photo as having been taken at a Shoppers Drug Mart. The near-identical blue suits are a good sign that it’s a Shoppers Drug Mart on or near Bay and King Streets, the financial heart of the city. And finally, I’ve been in this particular drug store more than a couple of times; it’s the one in Brookfield Place (formerly BCE Place).

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Job interview answer of the day

Words to Live By Work

The best use of the “Stop Doing X” meme format

Most of the “Stop Doing X” memes are meant to be nonsensical, but Stop Doing Offices is different. Every point it makes is 100% spot-on!

Need context? Here’s the original meme, Stop Doing Math:

It spawned a number of memes using the same template, such as Stop Playing Music:

Here’s Stop Doing German:

You’ll find dozens more on Know Your Meme’s page for the Stop Doing Math meme.