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Florida It Happened to Me

I finally got the front yard plumeria to bloom!

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I’ve been tending to them for a year since they’d been hit by a blight-like bug, and the work is paying off!

In other news, I have been living in Florida for ten years, and it’s beginning to show.

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America Stranger than Fiction The Current Situation

They call him “Don Snoreleone”

My favorite summary of Donald Trump’s tendency to fall asleep in court during his own trials comes from Salon:

Toddlers are superior to Donald Trump in all ways, but they share one trait with the old man: A tendency to veer wildly between throwing tantrums or crashing into naps.

Stranger than Fiction The Current Situation Work

Stop believing the “job creators’” lies

Screenshot from “The Great Resignation is effectively over. We’re now in the Great Talent Stagnation, where employers’ biggest concern is the lack of qualified applicants”

Not that long ago, they’d cry, moan, gnash their teeth and whine “Nobody wants to work!”

Now, they’re still crying, moaning, and gnashing their teeth, but the tune has changed: “Nobody’s qualified to work!”

What they’re really complaining about is that nobody wants to work for at the level they want for the pay they’re willing to offer.

👀 You can read the article featured in the screenshot above here.

America funny Stranger than Fiction The Current Situation

Happy U.S. tax day 2024!

Excerpts from the IRS site:

Illegal activities: Income from illegal activities, such as money from dealing illegal drugs, must be included in your income on Schedule 1 (Form 1040), line 8z, or on Schedule C (Form 1040) if from your self-employment activity.

Stolen property. If you steal property, you must report its fair market value in your income in the year you steal it unless you return it to its rightful owner in the same year.

Remember to report all your income, regardless of source.

(And yes, this was actually on the U.S. Internal Revenue Service’s site.)

Slice of Life Tampa Bay

Yet another reason to love my neighborhood

Exhibit A: Xtreme Tacos ToGo, the taco truck that’s a short bike ride from our place.

Seminole Heights’ seal, which depicts a two-headed alligator
funny The Current Situation

You have been warned!

Picture of eclipse and accordion with caption “As proof of my deadly seriousness,
if my demands for a brand new 
Delicia 3-voice 72-bass accordion
are not met...I will darken the sun this afternoon.”