Slice of Life

How’s your Daylight Saving Time going?

“This is how the first few days of Daylight Saving Time feel,” featuring pictures of Joel from “The Last of Us” having panic attacks.
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It Happened to Me

I didn’t have time to change for a last-minute meeting…

Joey deVilla in his home office wearing a t-shirt with a picture of a kitten and the caption “Hug Dealer.”
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…but my exercise shirt was a hit anyway.

It Happened to Me Music Slice of Life

I can’t tell if this Pink Floyd merch’s design is completely wrong or completely right

When I first saw this hoodie, my first thought was that its design was a little too bright and bubbly.

An almost periwinkle background? Pink, yellow, and light green lettering in a font better suited to selling cotton candy? Did whoever designed it even listen to the album? Even just once?

Maybe I spent too much time picking out rock t-shirts in head shops on Toronto’s Yonge Street during my misspent youth, but it’s my opinion that prog-rock t-shirts should be black. I think that Wish You Were Here, with its themes of loss and disillusionment with the music industry, is better paired with graphics like those from the video for Welcome to the Machine.

And then it occurred to me: if you were 17 years old in 1975 (when the North American tour featured on the hoodie took place), you’d be 65 years old today. Those bright colors might work better with a retirement wardrobe of golf clothes, cruisewear, and senior chic in general.

It Happened to Me Stranger than Fiction

Bumper sticker of the day

Bumper sticker with the text “How am I driving? How does an engine even work? How can a loving god cause such agony”
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Seen last Sunday in Orlando.

It Happened to Me

So THIS happened eight years ago…

Anitra Pavka and Joey deVilla wedding photo: posing with St. Pete Beach in the background.

Happy anniversary, Anitra! We’re now in “The Ocho!”

Anitra Pavka and Joey deVilla wedding photo: Walking into the reception as a married couple.
Anitra Pavka and Joey deVilla wedding photo: sitting at their table, listening to speeches.
Anitra Pavka wearing “bride” Disney mouse ears, smiling.
Anitra Pavka and Joey deVilla wedding photo: Anitra holds a mic while Joey plays accordion.
Joey deVilla wearing a hat that looks like a roast turkey.

“Inside you there are two bears…”

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Ms. Crabitha (@APunishedCrab) won the internet that day.

Florida of the Day It Happened to Me

Sometimes, bumper stickers are warning labels

I saw this car going westward on Waters, just west of 275. I saw some small bumper stickers while we were stopped at the red light and inched closer to get a better look.

Smiths sticker? Okay, maybe they have mopey tendencies.

Unabomber sticker? Okay, I’m putting an additional car length between you and me.

Severed head of Yukio Mishima sticker? Okay — I’m putting at least eight car lengths between you and me next chance I get.