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The U.S. Supreme Court is the ultimate “distracted boyfriend”

Need context?

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Happy flag day!

With a special note for Martha-Ann Alito, who needs a reminder which way is up — in every sense of that phrase.

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Happy Pride Month!

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Tampa Bay’s Bruhat Soma won the 2024 Scripps National Spelling Bee!

It took a tiebreaking round against the other remaining competitor, but at the end of the 2024 Scripps National Spelling Bee, St. Pete-based Bruhat Soma correctly spelled 29 out of 30 words correctly, trouncing Faizan Zaki from Texas, who managed to get nine of them right.

He won with the word “abseil” (pronounced “ab-SAIL”), a term used in rock and mountain climbing to descend a vertical surface by using a rope tied around your body and secured to a point above. It’s used more in the UK than in North America, and it’s a synonym for rappel.

In his honor, these billboards have been popping up alkl over the area:

Congrats, Bruhat, and thanks for representing all of us Asian overachievers in Tampa Bay!

Bruhat Soma in the news

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Magazine cover of the moment

Cover of the June 10, 2024 edition of "The New Yorker" magazine featuring a watercolor painting of a police officer trying to put handcuff on Donald Trump’s tiny, tiny hands.
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Anitra and me at “Grown-Up Night” at the Glazer Children’s Museum

Once a year, the Glazer Children’s Museum holds what I like to call “Grown-Up Night,” an adults-only event where we grown-ups can explore the museum and play with the exhibits as if we were kids.

Anitra’s been a member of the museum’s board for a couple of years now, so we’ve gotten to know the board members and staff of the Museum and of course we were there!

We got a couple of photos of us and Little John, the smaller costume version of Big John, the triceratops skeleton on display on the Museum’s third floor. They’re album covers waiting to happen!

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And now, a message from the bear

Need context? It’s a recent internet debate, and you can find out more in this article, Women Are More Afraid of Men Than Bears, According to TikTok.

And if you don’t read the whole article, at least read its closing paragraph (added emphasis is mine):

The bear experiment shouldn’t make men mad, it should make them pause. The more we can be curious about the experiences of women under patriarchy, rather than question them, the better positioned we are to modify the systems that harm us all. The fact that this dialogue about gender-based violence could be uncomfortable is what makes it most imperative. Men should be bold and have that conversation, even if they’re scared. If women are strong enough to brave a bear alone in the woods, then surely men can muster up the courage to talk about the reason why.