Bacon Space Kitty

Marmalade kitten surfing on a slice of bacon through outer space

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East Coast Literature

Here’s an amusing comic that some of you from the Maritimes might appreciate: East Coast Literature, a quick comic exercise by Halifax-based cartoonist Kate Beaton, who’s behind the webcomic Hark, a Vagrant!

Kate Beaton's comic, "East Coast Literature"

Someone on a site I frequent was immediately reminded of the same thing I was – the Working Class Playwright skit from Monty Python’s Flying Circus:


Um, Okay…

do not drink

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Straight Outta Fountain

Titled as found:

Soda dispensing machine with a picture of Ice Cube on the ice dispenser

“It was a good day / Nobody watered down my Minute Maid…”

(Don’t get it? This might help.)


At Home with Emo Dad

Emo Dad taking a mirror self-portrait with his iPhone

Have you seen the “Emo Dad” photos? It’s a set of apparent self-portraits of a guy who’s twenty years too old to be sporting the angsty “emo” teenage haircut, pout, piercings and mop top. They’ve been making the rounds on the Internet, and as would be expected, some wag has captioned them:

Emo Dad: "My son cut the grass; I cut myself"

Emo Dad: "My washing machine is broken. I used my tears instead"

Emo Dad: "I told my son to clean his room. But who will clean my soul?"

Emo Dad: "My daughter went to the mall. I've never been so alone."

Emo Dad: "Turn up the angst, turn down the friends."


What Not to Do When You Catch a Baby Great White Shark

Please note: If you decided to play the video below, I very strongly recommend that you turn down the volume on your computer speakers just before the 1:10 mark. Trust me on this one.

It may be a baby, but it’s still a Great White, and they have a nasty bite.


Happy Canada Day!

"Happy Canada Day! Now get drunk, mofo!"

Pictured above: One of the video screens from Jeremy Wright’s karaoke birthday party at Tequila Sunrise last night.

It’s July 1st, Canada Day! Happy birthday to my adopted home country. Now get drunk, mofo!

In honour of Canada Day, I present to you Canadian Stereotype Comics by Kate Beaton:

canadian stereotype comics