The Recipe for “Happy”

Those of you who’ve been reading this blog for a while know that hedonics – the study of what makes us happy or unhappy – is a pet topic of mine. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I like the graphic below:

The "Are You Happy?" flowchart poster

Yes, the “Change something” part of the flowchart covers a ridiculously large amount of ground – the “something” could be “your world”, “yourself”, “how you see things” or a mix of the three — and up to several years of work, personal journeying and possibly therapy, but the procedure outlined in the poster is the basic recipe for “happy”.

Here are links to the people and/or entities that appear in the credits at the bottom of the poster:


Tavis Coburn’s Amazing Retro Program Covers for the 2010 BAFTA Awards

Graphic designer Tavis Coburn designed the program covers for this year’s BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Awards, and they’re retro-cool! Each one features elements from the nominees for the Best Picture Award.

Here’s the cover featuring Up in the Air, with a very Mad Men-esque treatment of George Clooney:

Tavis Coburn's late '50s/early '60s style rendition of "Up in the Air"

This is the cover for An Education:

Tavis Coburn's late '50s/early '60s style rendition of "An Education"

It took me a moment to figure this one out. The helmet screams “space movie”, but the reflection of the child playing soccer in the visor makes it clear that the movie depicted here is The Hurt Locker:

Tavis Coburn's late '50s/early '60s style rendition of "The Hurt Locker"

Avatar, obviously. I still haven’t seen this movie. Mind you, I didn’t see Titanic until 2005. I like to think that anything I was doing around the turn of the millennium was far more interesting than any movie, especially a schmaltzy James Cameron date flick.

Tavis Coburn's late '50s/early '60s style rendition of "Avatar"

And finally, Precious:

Tavis Coburn's late '50s/early '60s style rendition of "Precious"

The Current Situation

“Make Up Your Mind / He Can’t Be All Four” is Now a T-Shirt

Back in April. Adam Sacks of the blog Adam Thinks created this so-funny-because-it’s-true graphic:

Adam Sack's poster featuring a Shepard Fairey-ized Obama-as-Hitler poster:  "Make Up Your Mind / He Can't Be All Four"

After getting so many requests, he’s decided to make it a t-shirt. You can order it online from Printfection for US$20.00:

"Make Up Your Mind / He Can't Be All Four" t-shirt


Kiss Off

If you’re a fan of the Violent Femmes (and if you remember rotary-dial phones), you’re going to recognize the reference in this piece of retro-themed art by so0meone going by the name “9 0 0 0”:


There’s more stuff like this in 9 0 0 0’s Flickr photoset titled Plan 9.001.