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Cryptocurrency rap video of the day

If you watch only one cryptocurrency rap video, make it this one: Dog Money!


And now the song is stuck in my head

Thanks to Sean Galbraith for the find!

Since it’s now probably stuck in your head too, you might as well just hear the whole thing:

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Go to sleep Baby Yoda

Photo: “Go to sleep Baby Yoda” — “The Child” in the Mandalorian’s cockpit.

Go to sleep Baby Yoda, a fan-clip video put together by Auralnauts last December, takes video from The Mandalorian and adds all-new dialog to create something that probably happens but we’ll never see: The Mandalorian trying to get The Child to go to bed, first with a little playtime, then some TV, and finally, a lullabye!

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it now:

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Nine Inch Nails backs Biden!

Tweet by Nine Inch Nails: Warning: two political posts to follow. We are gravely concerned about the future of our country (and the world) and therefore will be voting for and supporting Joe Biden and Democrats down the ticket.
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Sure, you’ve heard that Reagan’s FBI director and 19 other former GOP-appointed US attorneys are backing Biden, but if you’re still undecided, this might clinch it: Nine Inch Nails have endorsed Biden.

So now you have it from NIN themselves. Vote Biden, because it’s time for Trump to bow down before the ones he’s supposed to serve.

It Happened to Me Music Tampa Bay

Sign of the day: “Presidents are Temporary. Wu-Tang is forever!”

Photo: U.S. election campaign-style sign that reads: “Presidents are temporary. Wu-Tang is forever 2020.”
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Seminole Heights’ seal, which depicts a two-headed alligatorI saw this on this in Hampton Terrace during this morning’s 10K bike ride.

I think I’ll close this post with something you might not have seen: A scene from Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee and Cigarettes that puts together Wu-Tang’s GZA, RZA, and Bill Murray at the same booth in a café:


It’s Nyango Star!

Photo: “Nyango Star” — a costumed mascot that looks like a cat/apple hybrid, sitting at a drum kit.

It’s impossible to describe Nyango Star with mere words. This video will do a much better job:

Nyango Star is a mascot for Kuroishi City in Japan’s Aomori prefecture, on the northernmost tip of Honshu (the main island), and Japan’s largest producer of apples. In a design decision that makes perfect sense if you’re Japanese, Nyango is:

  • An apple (therefore a perfect mascot for Aomori)…
  • possessed by the spirit of a dead cat (???)…
  • who in the fusion was granted awesome metal drumming superpowers.

The name also makes perfect sense if you’re Japanese:

  • “Apple” in the Japanese language is “ringo”.
  • “Nyan” means “meow”.
  • And, of course, the name is a pun on Beatles drummer Ringo Starr.

Here’s a Vice documentary about Nyango Star:

Here’s a great video — Professional vs. Beginner Drummer — in which somehow Nyango, a mascot in an apple/cat costume with fixed facial features is displaying more emotion than the human:

Here’s Nyango doing a drum cover of the Japanese pop tune Futon no nakakara detakunai, which translates as “I don’t want to leave my futon”:

And I’ll close with this observation: Only in Japan can you assemble a crowd of seniors at a concert hall to watch an apple/cat mascot drum along to Slayer’s Raining Blood:


Mash-up of the day: Buffalo Springfield and Young MC — “Stop and Bust a Move”

Mash-up expert Bill McClintock took Buffalo Springfield’s 1966 anthem, For What It’s Worth and Young MC’s 1989 dance floor-filler (and one of my favorite accordion karaoke numbers) Bust a Move — both tunes with a I-IV chord progression — and melded them into this hybrid musical gem: