Yo Yo Ma on the Floor of a Bathroom with a Wombat

yo yo ma and wombat

I always knew cello players were weird, but not this weird. Found via Peter Sagal.

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Goodnight Keith Moon

As a reader of this blog, chances are that someone read Goodnight Moon to you when you were a child:

goodnight moon

And as a reader of this blog, chances are that you like offbeat humour and have at least a passing interest in rock and roll. This means that chances are you might enjoy the darkly amusing parody Goodnight Keith Moon: 

goodnight keith moon

Here’s a snippet showing the opening spread:

in the great green room

Quick cultural references: Keith Moon was the drummer for The Who and died of a drug overdose in 1978 in the same flat where “Mama” Cass Elliot (of The Mamas and the Papas) died four years earlier


Damn, Nelson Mandela, You Smell So Good!

Andy Warhol got it slightly wrong. He should’ve said “In the future, everyone will have 15 items with their own personal brand”:


Yes, the Nelson Mandela car air freshener is real, smells like cookies and is available online for a paltry US$2.99.

Geek Life

Ben Stiller Explains Twitter to Mickey Rooney

Chances are, as a reader of this blog, people ask you to explain Twitter to them. If that’s the case you might find this video in which Ben Stiller explains Twitter to Mickey Rooney amusing:

(This article also appears in my personal technical blog, Global Nerdy.)

The Current Situation

The First Celebrity Swine Flu Casualty

celebrity_swine_flu_casualtyFound via Reddit.