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This is just to say: This is my favorite version of the “Anakin/Padme” meme

In case you forgot the poem on which this gag is based, here it is — William Carlos Williams’ This is Just to Say:

This is Just to Say

I have eaten

the plums
that were in
the icebox
and which
you were probably
for breakfast
Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold

Happy 40th birthday, “McLovin’”!

Since I now work in the digital identity space, I feel duty-bound to celebrate this day, June 3, 2021, the 40th birthday of the patron saint of identity: McLovin’!

As you can see, he was “born” on June 3, 1981:

“McLovin’s” Hawaii driver’s license, which indicates that his birthdate is June 3, 1981.

I would be remiss if I didn’t include the scene from Superbad where he shows off his new fake ID. Be advised that it’s Superbad, which means very salty adult language…

I’m not the only one celebrating….

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Cryptocurrency rap video of the day

If you watch only one cryptocurrency rap video, make it this one: Dog Money!

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My favorite tweet about Elon Musk’s upcoming appearance on “Saturday Night Live”

Tweet by @ParikPatelCFA. Tap to see the source.

Pictured clockwise from bottom: Pocket Doge, Flax the Style Destroyer, Gamora Montana, and Edge-Lord.

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How the “Trolley Problem” actually works in the real world

Thanks to Ramon Grajo for the find!

The moral of the story remains the same: BE RICH.

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It’s April 30, 2021 — Happy Goblinization Day!

Banner, featuring ork: April 30, 2021 — According to “Shadowrun”, it’s Goblinization Day!

The future is here! According to Shadowrun, the role-playing game for nerds who don’t want to choose between Dungeons & Dragons and William Gibson, today is when Goblinization happens.

In the game, that’s the worldwide event when 10% of humanity, for no apparent reason, spontaneously transform into orks (that’s how you spell “orc” in the Shadowrun game system) and trolls.

Cover of 1989 rules for Shadowrun
The original 1989 cover for the Shadowrun rule book, back when it was published by FASA.
Tap to view at full size.

Back in 1989, when the rules for the fantasy-meets-cyberpunk world of Shadowrun were first published, 2021 seemed like a far-off time. Remember, this is when Intel’s 486 processor, Nintendo’s Game Boy, Corel DRAW!, and zip files were brand new things. 640K was considered to be a lot of RAM. We were so technologically backwards back then that if you wanted something like wifi in the Shadowrun game, you had to cast a spell. Arthur C. Clarke was right!

Shadowrun characters in a cyberpunk suspect lineupThanks to Reddit and social media, more than 10% of humanity has already been transformed into trolls — in fact, we had a troll president for the past four years!

No word on the orks just yet.

To close this post, I now request that you all please rise for the Cyberpunk National Anthem:

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This sounds waaay more interesting than a mere “friend with benefits”

Seen in Tampa on Hillsborough Ave., just west of 275. Tap to view at full size.