My new favorite remake of the “distracted boyfriend” meme


funny Tampa Bay

This is the only time I’ll tell you to vote for Ron DeSantis

The 2023 edition of Creative Loafing’s “Best of the Bay” is now open for votes, and you can select the best people, places, and things here in Tampa Bay. You may be amused to know that Ron DeSantis is one of the candidates for the “Best Stripper” category.

You know what to do, and here’s where you do it. Let’s make it rain!


Sign of the day: Are you sure about that, Trader Joe’s?

Chalkboard at Trader Joe’s that reads “Keeping it simple...Producer → Trader Joe’s → You...No middleman!”

Think of this as yet another of my reminders to double-check your reasoning, or better still, have someone else to double-check it.

Florida of the Day funny

Is Dunedin exploitable in half a day?

Someone on Reddit posted this question to r/tampa:

Is Dunedin exploitable in half a day?

I’ll be passing through Dunedin while visiting family tomorrow and will have about 2-3 hours to stop. Would this be enough time to walk through the main areas and explore?

In answer to that person’s question:

  • If you meant “explore” and this is an autocorrect mistake, just stick to the downtown area, which is full of quaint little shops and restaurants. Two to three hours should be enough. If you like beer, make sure you hit the Dunedin Brewery.
  • If you really meant “exploit,” you might want to give yourself a little more time. The median age of Dunedin residents is 57.7, which means that if you want to properly exploit the area, try some kind of senior scam.
funny Tampa Bay Work

Once again, another reminder to double-check your work

Parking spots, where one is labeled “Delivery area” while another is labeled “DELIRYVE area.”

The place I go to for car maintenance has great service, but they need to work on their spelling.

funny Geek

For fans of “Attack on Titan” and alcohol, I give you…

…Eren Jägerbomb.

funny Stranger than Fiction

The accented syllable matters

In many English words that can be both nouns and verbs:

  • If the accent is on the word’s first syllable, it’s probably the noun form.
  • If the accent is on the word’s second syllable, it’s probably the verb form.