Bacon Space Kitty

Marmalade kitten surfing on a slice of bacon through outer space

Tired of your current desktop wallpaper? Looking for a picture to liven up your slideshow presentations? Why not try Bacon Space Kitty? Click to view it at full size (1680 by 1050 pixels) and save it!

12 replies on “Bacon Space Kitty”

If there were _three_ kitties, I could see going with this, but honestly there’s just not enough awesome here.

Three kittens? Bah. What this needs is a ninja. A screaming ninja with a really big sword. And a “Hello Kitty” t-shirt, just so everyone knows it’s, like, ironic and shit.

Ninjas? I suppose that would be OK, in a kind of 90’s way, you know, if you liked that type of thing. But Vampire Ninjas! – that’s the sort of thing that the 212nd decade demands. With Hello Kitty t-shits too, but black on black, like those unitone Boston Red Sox hats the kids are wearing.

You are all wrong. There are three things that control the very fabric of reality itself. They are all in this picture.

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