Kate Beaton’s Superhero Comics

Kate “Hark! A Vagrant!” Beaton does great historical send-ups in her comics, but she’s ready to tackle all sorts of subjects, including superheroes:

kate beaton superheroes

Click the comic to see it at full size, or click here to see it on its original page.

This isn’t her only foray into superhero spoofing; she’s going to be one of the artists featured in the upcoming Marvel Strange Tales, along with many alternative, underground, indie and web cartoonists. Congrats, Kate!

Life Play

East Coast Literature

Here’s an amusing comic that some of you from the Maritimes might appreciate: East Coast Literature, a quick comic exercise by Halifax-based cartoonist Kate Beaton, who’s behind the webcomic Hark, a Vagrant!

Kate Beaton's comic, "East Coast Literature"

Someone on a site I frequent was immediately reminded of the same thing I was – the Working Class Playwright skit from Monty Python’s Flying Circus:


Happy Canada Day!

"Happy Canada Day! Now get drunk, mofo!"

Pictured above: One of the video screens from Jeremy Wright’s karaoke birthday party at Tequila Sunrise last night.

It’s July 1st, Canada Day! Happy birthday to my adopted home country. Now get drunk, mofo!

In honour of Canada Day, I present to you Canadian Stereotype Comics by Kate Beaton:

canadian stereotype comics


Kate Beaton’s Take on “Macbeth”

Earlier, I pointed you to comic artist Kate Beaton’s take on The Great Gatsby. Here’s her latest comic, which does the same wonderful job on Macbeth:

Kate Beaton's comic, "The Scottish Play"


Kate Beaton’s Scenes from “The Great Gatsby”

Halifax-based Kate Beaton draws funny historical comics at her site, Hark, a Vagrant! In her latest comic, she pokes fun at one of my all-time favourite novels, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby:

Kate Beaton's comics spoofing "The Great Gatsby"