At Home with Emo Dad

Emo Dad taking a mirror self-portrait with his iPhone

Have you seen the “Emo Dad” photos? It’s a set of apparent self-portraits of a guy who’s twenty years too old to be sporting the angsty “emo” teenage haircut, pout, piercings and mop top. They’ve been making the rounds on the Internet, and as would be expected, some wag has captioned them:

Emo Dad: "My son cut the grass; I cut myself"

Emo Dad: "My washing machine is broken. I used my tears instead"

Emo Dad: "I told my son to clean his room. But who will clean my soul?"

Emo Dad: "My daughter went to the mall. I've never been so alone."

Emo Dad: "Turn up the angst, turn down the friends."

7 replies on “At Home with Emo Dad”

Must be nice to be able to afford an iPhone and still be angst-ridden. Life is not fair. And considering that he lives in the 1% of the world that is well-off, he better hope life doesn’t get fair any time soon!

He looks like my ex-boyfriend, who is in his 50’s. This guy is definitely in his early to mid 50’s. If he wants to look that way at his age, so be it. At least he isn’t a douche yuppie.

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