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The gun fantasy and the gun reality

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I know that the current situation in Ukraine has a lot of American firearms enthusiasts excited (and hey; guns are cool and fun to fire), but can we have a moment of honesty here? You’re less likely to fight neo-Soviets on U.S. soil and more likely to kill for something dumb.

In case you were wondering about the Florida man who shot — and killed — someone in a movie theater for texting (it happened here in Tampa, and he fired after the texter threw popcorn at him), here are some links:

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But surely the important news is that the shooter was acquitted.

Those US gun laws are cray-cray

[…] Now don’t get me wrong: guns are cool and fun to fire (my great-uncle’s company is the Philippines’ biggest Winchester importer), but too many people in the U.S. have either made it the god they worship, or at least a core part of their identity. And as a result, the guns come out whenever they feel threatened, or even just slighted — as a response to bullying, the bogus “Great Replacement,” or even when a fellow movie-goer throws popcorn at them. […]

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