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Moses, too.

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Just a reminder, fellas…

“Robin” from “Stranger Things” at her ice cream shop job, holding up a sign that reads “Cooking and cleaning is a basic life skill, not a gender role.”
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The difference between “watch” and “warning,” explained with tacos

Lecturer pointing to a slide explaining the difference between “watch” and “warning” using tacos. Watch means “we have the ingredients to make tacos,” while “warning” means “We’re having tacos. RIGHT NOW!”

Attention newly-arrived Floridians! The weather may be sunny and pleasant right now (today it’s a mix of sun and clouds, with temperatures going up to 30°C / 86°F), but this will come in handy in a few months when hurricane season returns.

Also: I feel a Taco Warning coming on.

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This YouTube channel feeds on your financial fear

The current page 1 of FREENVESTING’s video list.
Click to view the financial catastrophism at full size.

If you visit YouTube but don’t sign in, its suggested videos are based on best guesses based on trends, your location, your recent browsing history and a few other factors. I do this from time to time to see what sort of things YouTube’s recommendation algorithm serves up.

The current page 2 of FREENVESTING’s video list.
Click to view the financial catastrophism at full size.

Last night, it suggested videos from the FREENVESTING channel (and no, I’m not linking to those jackals), which simply describes itself as “An inspiring channel for those who are seeking growth.” Established on September 1, 2020, it’s accumulated nearly 100 million views to date, and it appears to have done so by harnessing the fear of financial doomscrollers.

The current page 3 of FREENVESTING’s video list.
Click to view the financial catastrophism at full size.

The videos feature financial gurus of varying quality. Some are more respectable, such as Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. Some are semi-respectable: Ray Dalio and Cathie Wood. And then there are the outright assclowns — I’m lookin’ at you, Robert Kiyosaki and Dave Ramsey.

The current page 4 of FREENVESTING’s video list.
Click to view the financial catastrophism at full size.

The videos may change, but the themes and titles on the thumbnails stay the same:

  • Don’t buy anything for 18 months
  • Tell your family to prepare
  • Why is nobody talking about this
  • Everyone is going to be wiped out
  • Most people will lose everything
  • And my favorite, the “collapse” titles, which typically are:
    • The collapse is coming
    • The collapse has begun
    • The collapse never ends

The channel was a little more “tips and tricks from the rich” in the beginning…

The current page 5 of FREENVESTING’s video list.
Click to view the financial catastrophism at full size.

…and they certainly covered all the angles, as you can see from these two contradictory videos, which were released one after the other:

But like any good YouTuber, they did some experimenting and found a winning formula with this gem from Mr. “Rich Shill, Poor Audience”:

…and it’s been doom-a-rama ever since.

You’d think it might be enough to say “watch this channel, but only to recognize hucksters when you see them,” or to learn some tricks if you’re an aspiring YouTuber, but I recommend doing so very sparingly. This sort of fear-based stuff has a way of getting in your head, even if you’re trying to watch it objectively and from a distance.

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Which one are you?

Meme: “The two kinds of people when you explain your kinks to them,” featuring the two main characters from Zootopia. Judy (the bunny) looks horrified, while Nick (the fox) is wide-eyed, smiling, and his ears are perked up.
Thanks to James Kovacs for the find!
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Helpful hints for a possible “Terminator” future

I’m sharing this image in the hope that it won’t be useful information.

Diagram showing the weak points on a Boston Dynamics robot “dog:” battery and CPU in its “belly”, limb actuators where its legs meet its body, and visual and audio sensors in its “head.”

funny Internet Finds The Current Situation The More You Know...

Your math might be a little off, dude…

Tweet by @murvfx: “Elon Musk spent $44 Billion on Twitter. The World's population is 8 billion. He could have given each person $5 billion and still have money leftover. I feel like a cheque for $5 billion would be life changing for most people. Yet he wasted it all on Twitter.”
Tap to view the original tweet. I screen-captured this because (1.) It’s so embarrassing — if it were me, I’d delete it, and (2.) there are better-than-even odds that Twitter might experience outages soon.

Twitter user @muravfx posted this:

Your “math sense” should be tingling at this nonsense. Here is some literal “back of the napkin” math I did to see how much everyone on Earth would get you evenly split $44 billion among them:

5.5. As is $5.50 — five dollars and fifty cents. Not 5 billion.