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Japanese Cross-Dressing Bassist of the Day

The anime-girl outfits that the YouTube user “hjfreaks” wears may be a little off-putting, but if the bass tracks on these video are really of him playing, he’s pretty good:

Sometimes a guy wants to take a break from blistering bass runs and just dance:

7 replies on “Japanese Cross-Dressing Bassist of the Day”

I think he’s pretty!

He’s actually an amazing bass player. Stylistically we don’t have much in common, but if I was in a J-pop band I would seek him out in a second.

Reminds me of something my wife once said. “There’s 3 kinds of sexuality–gay, straight, and Japanese.”
Solid player though!

He’s really good. And he’s not Japanese, he’s South Korean. But that doesn’t change his talent…or his weirdness.

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