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Dolph Lundgren Performing “A Little Less Conversation”

Yes, that Dolph Lundgren – the guy who played “Ivan Drago” in Rocky IV and the cyborg preacher in Johnny Mnemonic. Here he is, bringing the house down with the long-underappreciated Elvis single as part of his co-hosting duties for Melodifestivalen, the event where the Swedish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest is chosen. He doesn’t just sing, he also dances, plays the drums, does some martial arts and rocks the black tie look:


Those Crazy Scandinavians and Their Preserved Fish [Updated]

Comic featuring various Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland) and their preserved fish dishes

Click the comic to see the full story. It gets weirder — much, much weirder!

Update: And now I know where the original comic — which got emailed to me, unattributed — is from! It’s from Humon comics, and you can see the whole thing here>