Those Crazy Scandinavians and Their Preserved Fish [Updated]

Comic featuring various Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland) and their preserved fish dishes

Click the comic to see the full story. It gets weirder — much, much weirder!

Update: And now I know where the original comic — which got emailed to me, unattributed — is from! It’s from Humon comics, and you can see the whole thing here>

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Don’t forget to pee on your shark before you bury it. Peeing on it after you dig it up is just gross….

Howdy y’all we Americans only eat them fried fish. Only if that fried fish is fried in bacon grease and we fry pickles with it. Only if we are eating that fried in bacon fat fish with pickles and hush puppies( very quite dogs). yummmmmmy

Makes Balute from the phillipines seem mild. Balute is the egg of a chicken, goose, duck, ect. that is fertilized then buried for a period of time to ripen. Gestation for the egg varies from just to just before hatching. Tap off the small end so the feathers go down in the right direction.

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