Q: Are We Not Dogs?

Picture of two silhouettes of whippets. Whippet 1 is labelled "Whippet"; Whippet 2 is wearing a Devo-style hat and labelled "Whippet good".

This one’s been doing the rounds on the internet today. In case you don’t get the reference, you might want to watch this video.



Teapot with Lionel Richie's face marked "Hello, is it TEA you're looking for?"

I have to admit that the play on Lionel Richie’s lyric made me laugh.

Music Play

Everybody Sing!

When the moon / Hits your eye / Like a big pizza pie / That's **A MORAY**

The Current Situation

The Squeaky Fromme Gets the Release

Squeaky Fromme is free? Damn, I’m old.

squeaky_fromme Click the photo to see Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme’s Wikipedia entry.

(I wish I’d come up with the title, but alas, that clever turn of phrase is the name of a team that played at a trivia league in New York City last week.)