Another Christmas card gone horribly wrong

another christmas card gone horribly wrong

Click the photo to see the wrongness at full size.


Hollywood might as well just do this now

hollywood north korea sign

I yanked this image from Tony Pierce’s Facebook account.

After you’ve had your chuckle from this image, go and read Cracked’s article, Why Pulling ‘The Interview’ Proves We’ve All Become Cowards.


Family Christmas card nudity: Just say no, part 2

Hey, I’m a relaxed let-it-all-hang-out sort of guy, but even I have to draw the line at family Christmas card nudity. The baby in this photo agrees with me: why is Daddy posing in diapers?

christmas card nudity 04

Believe it or not, this next photo is the most tastefully restrained one in this series:

christmas card nudity 03

And finally, the piece de resistance, which looks like it was done at the same Sears photo studio as the “Daddy and baby  both in diapers” shot at the start of this article. For safety’s sake, I’ve hidden it behind this link — click if you’re feeling brave.

Have a merry Christmas, everyone…if it’s still possible to do so after seeing these pics!

more family christmas card nudity


Larry Flynt announces a porn parody of “The Interview”

hustler parody of the interview

Once again, pornography steps in to save the day!

Nearly thirty years ago, Hustler publisher, self-described “smut peddler”, and unlikely free speech hero Larry Flynt made free speech history when he won a court case in which televangelist Jerry Falwell sued him for libel and emotional distress. Hustler had published a cartoon that implied that Falwell’s first sexual experience was with an incestuous one with his mother. Flynt won in a lower court, but Falwell took it to the Supreme Court, where the justices decided that if a public figure could receive damages for distress, it would effectively destroy any form of parody, satire, or spoofing. The case, known as Hustler Magazine v. Falwell, is now a landmark and taught in American law schools today.

Here’s a dramatization of the key point in Hustler Magazine v. Falwell, featuring Justice Scalia being his usual clueless self:

Larry’s going to bat for free speech again (and hey, let’s admit it, a few easy bucks as well). He’s just announced that Hustler Video will create a porn parody of The Interview titled This Ain’t The Interview XXX.

Hustler Video isn’t new to the porn parody game, having created XXX versions of Glee, The Simpsons, Sailor MoonDuck Dynasty, and the almost-redundant porn version of Game of Thrones [all those links are to “clean” trailers for the parodies. You might not want to view ’em at work.]

“I’ve spent a lifetime fighting for the First Amendment, and no foreign dictator is going to take away my right to free speech,” said Flynt. “If Kim Jong Un and his henchmen were upset before, wait till they see the movie we’re going to make.”

Given that the original film is in limbo and may be so for some time, this may be the first porn parody that gets released before the original.


Let’s all annoy Kim Jong Un and enjoy this leaked scene from “The Interview”

The image above comes from a leaked clip from The Interview, the cancelled-on-account-of-cyberterrorism film created by the guys who made and starred in Pineapple Express (decent) and This is The End (not so much). It’s the scene where “Beloved Leader” goes down it flames when his helicopter takes some anti aircraft fire, all to the tune of a slow cover of Katy Perry’s Firework.

Here’s the clip — enjoy it before the chickenshits at Sony issue a takedown notice:

You might ask: would there really a threat to the public if Sony had gone ahead and let The Interview play in theatres as planned on Christmas Day? Here’s what an actual cybersecurity/cyberwar expert has to say:

We need to distinguish between threat and capability—the ability to steal gossipy emails from a not-so-great protected computer network is not the same thing as being able to carry out physical, 9/11-style attacks in 18,000 locations simultaneously. I can’t believe I’m saying this. I can’t believe I have to say this.

This group has not shown the capability to do that. Sony is rueing any association it has with the movie right now. We are not in the realm of 9/11. Did movie chains look at the reality of the threat? Or did the movie theater chains utterly cave in? This is beyond the wildest dreams of these attackers.


Shit dog owners at Whole Foods say

A friend of mine sent these graphics to me, which purport to contain actual things said by dog owners at Whole Foods:

oh at whole foods - vegan dog oh at whole foods - gluten-free
oh at whole foods - dog cheese


Irony, captured perfectly in a single photo

corrosion-resistant materials

In case you need to use “irony” in a sentence: If the truck weren’t so iron-y, it wouldn’t have rusted.