Mac Sabbath: A McDonald’s-themed Black Sabbath parody band

mac sabbath onstage

Ladies and gentlemen, meet my new favorite band: Mac Sabbath!

They’re a Black Sabbath parody band featuring evil mirror-universe versions of McDonald’s characters:

  • “Ronald Osbourne” on vocals, as a gene-splice of Ronald McDonald and drugged-out Sabbath-era Ozzy Osbourne,
  • a modified Mayor McCheese with tusks on guitar, taking Tony Iommi’s role,
  • the Hamburglar on drums, filling in for legendary alcoholic rhythmatist Bill Ward, and
  • my personal favourite, an evil version of Grimace, taking over for Geezer Butler on bass.

mac sabbath - sold our souls for cinnamon rolls

They don’t just dress up as McDonald’s characters; they also twist Sabbath’s tunes into odes to fast food. In their (presumably greasy) hands, Paranoid becomes Pair-a-Buns, and Iron Man becomes Frying Pan:

mac sabbath - frying pan

A sample of the lyrics:

Heavy longing for bed
Fry these cows until you’re fed
Throw out your raisin bran
Frying pan lives again

I’d love to hear their version of Supernaut — perhaps it’s called “Coffee’s hot”?

Enjoy your Saturday with Frying Pan

And here’s Pair-a-Buns:

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