As Long as I’m Writing About “End Times” Humour…

…I might as well dig up the classic Eschatron 9000 photo (originally posted in this blog entry):

Cute girl in a bikini pushing the 'Immanentize' button on a machine labelled 'ESCHATRON 9000'.
If there truly is a God and He is merciful and kind, the end of the world will involve hot chicks in bikinis. Who dig accordions.

Be sure to check out my blog entry about Apocalypse How, willya?

3 replies on “As Long as I’m Writing About “End Times” Humour…”

I’ve got it! This is what will revive the Republican party! Cute girls with hearts of coal!

@Chad: Isn’t Dana Perino proof that they’re already using the “Cute girls with hearts of coal” strategy?

(I’m tempted to add “brain of sand”, what with her confusing the Bay of Pigs Incident with the Cuban Missile Crisis. Or the Buena Vista Social Club, for that matter. It’s easy to mix up all that Cuban stuff.)

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