Bikini Girls of the Apocalypse

Rapture/End Times blog entries are like Lay’s Potato Chips…you can’t eat just one! I promise, this is the last one of the day.

For further reference, see the Immanentize the Eschaton entry of Wikipedia.

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It took a full day but then BAM! I got it! And now I am limp with laughter. Where, oh where did you find this picture?!

Hey, Gideon!

I’ve had this one in my (increasingly large) collection of interesting photos I find on the ‘net for a while now. I’m not suire of the source — I belong to a couple of file-sharing clubs, regularly visit sites like and people often email me funny graphics like this, asking me to post them on the blog.

I scaled it down slightly to fit the page; I can send you the full-size one, in which you can read the text of the warning at the upper right-hand corner of the Eschatron 9000’s control panel.

Mmm – “full size”! I’ve got at least two New Testament prof-friends who could dig it. Send forwarding info, please!

Hi Joe,

This is absolutely fabulous!

I wonder if i am permitted to use the picture as an illustration of the popularity of Voegelin’s slogan? Needless to say it is strictly for non-commercial use, i just need a tasty cover for my dry and abstract academic work….

Best regards, Daan.

Please send a link to or a copy of the full scale one where you can read the warning. A college religious studies prof i had once told us he was at a large meeting and saw William F. Buckley sporting a button saying “Don’t Imminetize the Eschaton” and ever since I have considered it to be the ultimate “inside” joke to the non-cognoscenti.



What is this machine the Eschatron 9000, I don’t find nothing about, the only thing interesting it was about an old book of Tao, but if there is a correlation don’t know, and about Discordian, can someone bring me light about thanks, what is written on the corner of the machine
Thanks and best Regards Luigi

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