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A couple of days ago, I got email from Rob Kutner, who is a writer for my 11 p.m. weekday ritual, The Daily Show. He sent his thanks for my (unsolicited) plug for Jewno and asked if I could plug his new book, Apocalypse How, which he describes as “my new book about how much better things are going to be after the end of the world”.

Cover of \"Apocalypse How\", by Rob Kutner.
Click the photo of the book to visit its official site.

I wrote him back, saying:

  • Sure!
  • You know what you need for an apocalypse? Canned bacon, yo! (To which he replied: “Are there any words more delicious than shelf stable?“)

Here’s Apocalyptic Exercises, the first of two animated promos for the book:

That’s Daily Show correspondent (and actual Marine Corps Reserve Major) Rob Riggle doing the voiceover.

Here’s the second promo, Catastrophic Careers:

Here’s a sample of the book: the Opportunities page, a glass-half-full laundry list of the many options available to you once everything goes to Hell (there are more samples at the book’s site):

\"Opportunities\" page from \"Apocalypse How\"

Finally, a little Canadian content: here’s Rob Kutner’s podcast interview by Moxy Fruvous’ Jian Gomeshi for the CBC.

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