Your Mesmerizing, Crazy-Making Productivity Killer for Today

Are you on a coffee break right now? Take a look at this mesmerizing stick-in-your-brain Flash song-and-dance animation.

WARNING: Loud, silly techno music — you might want to turn down your computer speakers first!

Click on the image to see the Flash animation. It will stick your brain — you were warned!

One reply on “Your Mesmerizing, Crazy-Making Productivity Killer for Today”

I eggs-aggerate.

But the flash file did hang Firefox. The bug is very circumstance-specific: when I clicked on the flash link in NetNewsWire, which opened up in a new tab in Firefox in the background (per my preferences) Firefox locked up forcing me to force-quit and lose all my open windows.

This specific bug is repeatable (by me, anyhow), but under every other circumstance I’ve tried, Firefox plays the flash fine. You may want to warn your readers in case they are using Firefox on the Mac with the same preferences…

To add annoyance to aggravation, this flash isn’t nearly as funny or infections as badger, badger, badger…

~~Charles no longer by the Charles

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