Accordion, Instrument of the Gods

And you thought my accordion technique was ridiculous


“Come home with me! I’ll give you…THREE DOLLARS…”

[ via, which I really need to use more often ] How to use a hand puppet to meet, attract, and date tons of single women. Here’s the relevant snippet:

Let me explain – Well, I’ve got a friend that uses what I call, “The

Puppet Method” to meet single women in nightclubs. Here’s how he does


  • First, you will need a hand puppet. You can buy them at your major toy stores such as Toys R Us.

  • Bring your hand puppet with you to a nightclub where there are lots of single ladies.

  • When you see a girl that you’re attracted to, approach her and tap her

    on the shoulder lightly with your puppet and when she turns around

    raise your hand puppet towards her face and say something like this

    with your puppet, “Hi beautiful, would you like to dance with me?” Move

    your puppet up and down with your hand as you are saying your script

    just as if the puppet was really talking. And be sure to talk in a real

    silly voice.

  • What happens next? She’s going to die laughing and think that you are

    so funny. Plus, you will make a very favorable impression on her

    because women love a guy with a sense of humor. And, of course, she

    will most likely dance with you.

I know this method of meeting single women seems a little silly, but

try it. It works like a charm for my friend and it can work for you


I’ll bet this could be turned into a decent social experiment / paying newspaper article. Hmm…

6 replies on “And you thought my accordion technique was ridiculous”

yes – because fake personas are a great way to start a relationship.

(your accordion isn’t a fake persona)

Would speaking through the puppet necessitate using a fake persona? Couldn’t it just be breaking the ice facilitated through a contrived (but useful) means, sort of like “speed dating”?

(Suddenly I’m reminded to actors like Kevin Costner. Sure, he takes on lots of roles, but he’s always the same guy in all of them!)

Hey, a hand-puppet is a lot cheaper than an accordion. And easier to play, too!

Now if the hand-puppet were to play the accordion…

(sorry, it’s been a long day)

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