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Condolences for Weird Al

I heard via Boing Boing that “Weird Al” Yankovic’s parents died from

carbon monoxide poisoning in their sleep on April 9th. Having recently

dealt the possibility of losing a parent, I have a faint idea of the

pain he must be feeling right now.

In spite of this, he says that he’s not cancelling any of his tour

dates (he is taking some time for himself by cancelling all interviews

and other PR-related activites). He’s also encouraging people to buy

carbon monoxide detectors for their houses.

From one accordion player/parodist to another, my heart goes out to you, Al.

Be sure to read Weird Al’s message to his fans.

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Small details, but ….

The article doesn’t actually say that they died in their sleep. They lit a fire that morning with the flue closed, and likely were rendered unconscious by the CO, before dying from CO poisoning.

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