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Michael Steele Wants You to Know He’s the Best Boss Ever!

01 michael steele and intern

Before the “Bush 43” years, and especially during the early ‘90s, when I was at Crazy Go Nuts University, I often voiced my observation that:

  • Conservatives were people you didn’t necessarily agree with politically, but found likeable and would gladly invite to a party, wedding, kegger or road trip, and
  • Liberals were people with whom you might agree on a political level, but were tiresome and always threatening to invite you to some rally or other tiresome crashing bore of an event.

I miss the Barry Goldwater conservatives of yore and look forward to the day when they oust the Fox News/End Times-insane among their ranks. I don’t know if any of the Republican Party interns in the photos below posing with Chairman Michael Steele are the more sensible sort, but at least the poses in these photos – which are rather like the poses I’d do with my boss and coworkers – are a glimmer of hope that not all conservatives have gone tragically, completely and humourlessly off the rails.

02 michael steele and intern 03 michael steele and intern 04 michael steele and intern 05 michael steele and intern

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Math is for Liberal Elitists, Anyway

Have you ever had a coach that asked you to “give 110 percent”? Judging from the infographic below, 193 is the new 110:

FOX Pie chart showing support for Republican candidates for 2012: 70% back Palin, 63% back Huckabee, 60% back Romney

If you’re going for sheer entertainment value and nothing else, back Palin. It would be like watching a real-life, large-scale version of Marat/Sade.

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I Do Not Think That Word Means What Fox News Thinks It Means

Clipping from Fox News site: "GOP SWEEP: McDonnell cruises to victory in the Virginia gubernatorial race as Christie upsets incumbent Gov. Corzine in New Jersey; Democrat Owens takes closely watched NY congressional seat."

Two out of three races is pretty good, but it’s not a sweep.

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Saturday Morning Cartoons

Here’s a selection of my favourite political editorial comics of the week:


Bloomberg: Canadian Health Care, Even with Queues, Bests U.S.


Allan B. Bevere: On Why the Church in America Cannot Speak Truth to Power


Cogitamus: Wingnut Values on Parade


The Root: Jimmy Carter, True Son of the South, Hits Nail on the Head


FiveThirtyEight: IBD/TIPP Doctors Poll Is Not Trustworthy


[Thanks to AZSpot!]

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Monday Morning Comics





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The New Republican Party Logo

It’s a much more appropriate animal than the elephant, and as you can see in this article, quite intelligently designed:

New Republican logo: dinosaur