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Michael Steele Wants You to Know He’s the Best Boss Ever!

01 michael steele and intern

Before the “Bush 43” years, and especially during the early ‘90s, when I was at Crazy Go Nuts University, I often voiced my observation that:

  • Conservatives were people you didn’t necessarily agree with politically, but found likeable and would gladly invite to a party, wedding, kegger or road trip, and
  • Liberals were people with whom you might agree on a political level, but were tiresome and always threatening to invite you to some rally or other tiresome crashing bore of an event.

I miss the Barry Goldwater conservatives of yore and look forward to the day when they oust the Fox News/End Times-insane among their ranks. I don’t know if any of the Republican Party interns in the photos below posing with Chairman Michael Steele are the more sensible sort, but at least the poses in these photos – which are rather like the poses I’d do with my boss and coworkers – are a glimmer of hope that not all conservatives have gone tragically, completely and humourlessly off the rails.

02 michael steele and intern 03 michael steele and intern 04 michael steele and intern 05 michael steele and intern

6 replies on “Michael Steele Wants You to Know He’s the Best Boss Ever!”

Luke: To exaggerate slightly, it’s my preferred model for leadership, period. I make it a point to not work for anyone who can’t let their hair down once in a while or let me do it for them.

We just had eight years of George W Bush because Americans wanted a leader they could enjoy a beer with. Unlike most Americans, I have friends to drink with so I never saw the attraction of Mr. Bush. I don’t choose my plumber because I’d enjoy drinking beer with him. I don’t choose my doctor because I’d enjoy drinking a beer with him. The same goes for my boss, my congress critter or my president.

[…] The problem with Steele is that although he had a few good ideas, such as not judging party members by how well they pass the “purity test” or how backwar conservative they are. He also made a valiant attempt to try and do away with the image of the Republican Party as the party of old, stodgy, rich white men. Unfortunately, his methods of execution left a lot to be desired. For example, his press photos that tried to portray him as a cool, hip, and totally with it boss/politician: Warning:  Just viewing these photos will make you whiter. […]

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