iPhone 4S Pranks with Siri

Comic - Guy 1: "I just bought the new iPhone 4S. Check it out...SIRI..." Guy 2: " folder titled PORNOGRAPHY to Mom." Siri: "Email sent. Anything else?" Guy 2: "Google search TOP 10 BESTIALITY SEX TOURS, forward results to BOSS then reset iPhone to default settings; confirm."

Comic by Jason Pultz. Click to see it at full size.

This article also appears in Global Nerdy.


My Answer is “Yes”, But You Knew That

I’m with the bird:

are you happyComic by Tom Gauld for The Guardian. Click it to see it on its original page.


The 24 Types of Authoritarian (or: The Libertarian Response to “The 24 Types of Libertarian”)

Comic: The 24 Types of Authoritarian

You didn’t think they’d take The 24 Types of Libertarian lying down, did you? Davi Barker pointed me to his comic response, shown above above.

If “White Sheep” (bottom left-hand corner) looks familiar, that’s because it isthat’s Mayor Miller, thinks-he’s-already-mayor Rob Ford and the rest of Toronto City Council.

Flamewar in the comments in 3… 2… 1…


The 24 Types of Libertarian

Comic: The 24 Types of Libertarian


Can You Identify the Cartoon from the Hair?

cartoon wigs museum

Take a look at the hairstyles from the Cartoon Wigs Museum poster pictured above. Can you identify the corresponding character and cartoon?

(I’ll post the answers later.)