The 24 Types of Authoritarian (or: The Libertarian Response to “The 24 Types of Libertarian”)

Comic: The 24 Types of Authoritarian

You didn’t think they’d take The 24 Types of Libertarian lying down, did you? Davi Barker pointed me to his comic response, shown above above.

If “White Sheep” (bottom left-hand corner) looks familiar, that’s because it isthat’s Mayor Miller, thinks-he’s-already-mayor Rob Ford and the rest of Toronto City Council.

Flamewar in the comments in 3… 2… 1…

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George: Glad you liked it! While I’m not a libertarian, there are parts of the philosophy that I agree with. I’m all for the personal responsibility parts, less crazy about the bits that seem rather dog-eat-dog to me.

Oh, So schoolteachers and supporters of free healthcare are *authoritarians* now? Its when the libertarians look more and more like right-wingers I know I will never call myself one.


This cartoon appears (to me) to poke at the right as much as it does the left. Please do not insult libertarians by claiming we are right-wingers.

Also, one definition of authoritarian is a government/society that expects unquestioning obedience. The USA’s school system and current healthcare trend would both seem to fit with that definition.

I hope the comic is poking fun at both sides. The extremes of both ends of the political spectrum are equally messed up. I believe that some people need a “hand up”, but who is willing to fund that? Also, if taxes get too high, then business will leave, and there go the jobs. It is a balance. And I’m a left-winger!


Your rhetoric is broken. You certainly can’t claim the educational system demands “unquestioning obedience.” It works in tandem with social norms and paternal authority, providing a choice between public, private and religious education, and there are organizations representing students (counselors and social workers), teachers (unions and coalitions), and parents (PTA’s, etc) in the process. I honestly don’t even understand how anyone can claim education is a force of “indoctrination” or that it’s even remotely authoritarian.

Same with Obamacare, of course. As I understand it, there are mandates, but only what was necessary to fund and enforce the policy in the first place. It’s an incremental increase in government control and investment in a system that was a total mess of capitalism-gone-wrong: services were far beyond the ability of individuals to pay, and all the money was filtering to insurance companies, the people who produce the least, because they’d positioned themselves as financial gatekeepers. The content of the bill is widely available. The changes will take place slowly. There’s no sudden violent enforcement or coercive silencing.

You can’t go around calling everyone involved in society’s infrastructure “authoritarian.” It’s the epitome of a straw-man argument.

Maybe they wouldn’t “Take it lying down”, but I’d at least think they’d put a bit more… Effort in to showing how they’re not stupid/uncreative, and actually make their own thing.

I mean, for fuck’s sake, it’s the exact same art. Are you as bankrupt artistically as well as ideologically?

The infrastructure of society imposing itself on you is about as textbook authoritarian as it can get. Why can’t society be more voluntary? If you want something, do it, join it, fund it whatever, but don’t force me to be a participant, draftee, or investor in it.


Did you not go to public school? Excuse me, but the public school exists to convince parents that they are worthless when it comes to raising their children, so they state should raise them instead. Even if parents want to take their kids and put them into a different school, they have to take all of that money out of their own paychecks, and they get ZERO tax break for not using the public service. I’m sorry, but you are pretty naive.

@tkwelge, Rabban, Sam Jones, all others that want to be whiney about having to pay for things that probably got you or your ancestors where they are now unless you are part of a minority ethnicity, former robber baron, an oil/railroad magnate, or heir/heiress

Feel free to emigrate away from this horribly authoritarian system. No one is stopping you from leaving if you can’t have your way all the time.

@tkwelge, Rabban, Sam Jones

I think it is funny that the school system and healthcare are the first place you go when they want to find an example of Authoritarianism. Though flawed, those are both aimed at helping others. Why didn’t you mention the police state beating peaceful protestors or the war on drugs/terror?

Oh nos! A crappy teacher said my child is dumb and Ima bad parent. It is the authoritarian state that is to blame for trying to teach my child to read! Never mind that police are smashing in that homeless man’s skull… because he could not afford medication due to the excessive costs of the private medical system when funding for universal healthcare was taken off the table. They don’t know he is in insulin shock. They just think he is drunk and resisting arrest.

Just pointing out your priorities.

You should have left the creepy one the same. That one applies to leftists, and goes against Libertarian views.

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